The Flip Side of a Creative Mom

Finally after having the tree up for a week, I managed to put the ornaments on. Don’t judge me, I really am not a Christmas person. Although once I finally drag the ornaments out, I do enjoy all the memories behind them. I came across my favorite for this year and it belongs to Kayla. Every year I give each girl and my nieces and nephews an ornament that relates in some way to the previous year.

Last year Kayla got pulled over for speeding on the way to Kansas City to visit Emily. The cop made her get out of the car and sit in his car. Yes this freaked me out after she told me but there was nothing I could do about it. He asked her if she had  smoked pot. She said yes once but it was a year ago. He kept grilling her about smoking and if she had, to just tell him and they could work something out. She hadn’t smoked so she refused so he asked if he could search her car. She said sure. He found nothing and looked at her and told her she needed to vacuum her floorboards. He gave her a speeding ticket and left. It was only after this that she and Dominic realized she had passed a skunk and had skunk smell in her car. I am sure the cop thought she was smoking skunk buds.

So last year this was the ornament she opened.



Mole Moral ~ If you are going to get caught speeding, you will remember it forever because your mother is a creative nut job!

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