Never say Never

Yesterday I woke up at four in the morning puking and with the same headache as I had this past February. Looking back, it had been brewing for at least two weeks just like last time. My arm was even acting up with the numbness. I finally caved in around one and texted my friend for the number of her chiropractor. Yes I crossed over to the dark side and once again was burned by the word never.
Last time my headache did not respond to anything that was effective for migraines. It was only after I went to my primary doc who is a DO and demanded he adjust my neck that I had any sort of relief. A couple months ago an article about cervogenic headaches showed up in my Facebook news feed. (Sometimes I think Facebook can read my mind. Haha) After reading up on it I had every single symptom with one sided headache and left arm numbness. I decided that day if it ever came back I’d risk being disowned by my daughter Emily DPT and go have my neck adjusted. I would have went to a DPT if I didn’t need a referral from my doctor. In other states it is open access for physical therapy and a referral not needed but as usual the backwards state of Missouri is behind the times.
So when I texted my friend she said the DC was at a funeral today. My first thought of course because that’s my life. But the DC got back to me later and could see me last night. After trigger point release, deep tissue massage, and adjustment my headache was 80% better. I could sit up without feeling like my head was going to explode and the tingling, numbness in my arm was gone. She gave me exercises to do as well. And then Emily called me but she didn’t disown me for now.
This morning my headache is gone but my left neck and shoulder is killing me. She warned me it would be sore. But I actually have better range in my neck and my shoulders are not tense balls of steel. She said I should be good after four treatments which works for me. She reminded me of my counselor nazi who told me if I wasn’t better in a year at the very most, she had no business treating me.

Mole Moral ~ My entire life I said I would never go to a quackopractor and low and behold I have once again eaten my words! I will NEVER learn!

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