One of my favorite prayers!

On Monday one of my favorite bloggers posted her blog which just happened to be called A Tale of Two Churches  which you can read about it if you would like. She was out in Denver and decided to go to Saturday evening Mass (she’s a devout Catholic) and then try out Red Rocks Church. It is one of those hipster, big box, non-demonational church. Very much like my church. After all we are in the process of opening a second campus up near Ted Drews. She ended up really enjoying the service and since she’s single, she saw a lot more people there her age. It made me start thinking a lot about Abiding Savior since I had just written the Pastor Kevin blog.

Often Pastor Tom starts the announcements out with, we are not a traditional church by design. He has explained in the past that there are many many good traditional churches and if that is how you connect with God, that is where you need to be. My church just offers something different. So I was thinking about Catholic traditions and then I remembered there was a prayer PK said at the end of almost every service and for the life of me I could not remember it. However, after he left I asked him to email it to me and since I am a stalker and scrapbook like an OCD freak of nature I hunted down the scrapbook it was in (would you be shocked if I mentioned I have the month and years that each book represents? This makes it much easier to find what I am looking for) Anyway, I was putting away video games in the basement and brought the book upstairs. I read the prayer out loud to Brian and then almost burst into tears. I am telling you, getting old really messes with your head.

Go with God because God goes with you…

He goes before you to show you the way,

behind you to encourage you,

beside you to befriend you,

above you to watch over you,

under you to uplift you,

and within you to grant you His peace…

in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, AMEN!


I guess I didn’t realize how much I missed hearing that until I read it again. Sometimes traditions and rituals are good for the soul. Maybe one of these years I will show up at his church and see if he still says it. The last week of memories surrounding my school nurse job, church, Brian, and baptism have been wonderful. And it just seals the deal that I’m not really twenty-five like I think I am.


Mole Moral ~ Memories are fun and bring back both good times and bad. These were most certainly great times!



What famous person would you want to be friends with?

This question was proposed at the last Edge of the semester a couple of weeks ago. Josh showed pictures of people like Beyoncé, Bieber, Timberlake, and sports people. It made me start thinking about this and there are three people I would want to be friends with in real life. Except I’m old enough to be all of their mothers but that’s ok as young people seem to be able to tolerate me pretty well.

All three of them are bloggers. The first one I have already mentioned as she writes beauty beyond bones. I finally caught up on her blog and look forward every Monday and Thursday for her latest post. I receive them in email which makes my life so much easier. She grew up in Ohio (I think) and moved to New York to live the actress dream. So she has the New York apartment and does all the cool stuff. She knows so much about the bible and has no problem putting her faith out there for everyone to see. I just think she would make a dynamite friend.

The second blogger writes cat h bradley and she also lives in New York. I’ve only been to Manhattan once back in 2003 and swore I would never go there again so I can live it through these two. I first started reading Cat when she was training for her first full marathon. She indeed finished the New York Marathon this year and I learned that it is so big that the starting waves start at seven and end at ten. That right there marked that race right off of my list. She is also a recovering alcoholic and I believe an eating disorder. I enjoy her blog and I know she would also be a great friend.

The final blogger writes running 4 meyer and I think I found her through Cat but I am not sure. My memory sucks. Anyway after I read her first post I thought she seems like she’s from South Africa. Sure enough she lives in Cape Town. She changed her eating habits and started working out to lose weight. She is extremely sarcastic and so freaking funny. I have shared her blog with both a running friend and a non running friend who just crack up. It was reading her blog that made me start thinking about my trip to South Africa and my inspiration for a teenage love story. Shortly after I posted that she used Afrikaans words in her post and because of the internet I could look them up like I owned an Afrikaans dictionary.

All three of these young women are incredible and write so well. I would be thrilled to meet any one of them and honored to be their friend. However I cannot see myself living in New York any time soon and the plane flight to South Africa would kill me so for now I will just enjoy all of their blogs and be encouraging to them.


Mole Moral~Famous people are just normal people so I chose normal people to be friends with!