This week Allyson informs me she needs buckram for a project she is working on. I ask her what she is talking about. So she shows me a picture on the internet and it seems to be a type of material. I say google it and see if they sell it at Joann’s fabrics because I would hate to pay shipping on something that is listed at 1.75 and sure enough they do. So I do what every crazy crafter does, I go up there a couple of days later to get her more fur for her fur suit and this buckram for the eyes of the mask she is making. So I ask the girl cutting the material where it might be located. She has no idea and says to check crafts. Well, I wander around over there for a little while and then I get on the internet and type in where is buckram located at Joann’s fabrics. I was surprised to find someone’s post that said “I am making a fur suit and I need buckram, do they carry it at Joann’s?” Someone responded with in the material section by the tent type material. And sure enough there it was. So when I went back to have that piece cut it was a different gal who was older than the clueless wonder I asked first. She was impressed that I found it and told me most people had never heard of it. So I gave her the whole fur suit story. So within two days Allyson had the eyes finished and complete with glasses.

Mole moral~if you know how to ask a question in a search engine, you can almost always find the answer! It’s a good thing I am pretty good at it!