Missing in my inbox

There are three blogs that I have delivered via email so that I never miss them. They are by far my favorite. A couple of weeks ago I thought to myself, where is Beauty Beyond Bones? so I went to her site and read that day’s post. I didn’t think about it anymore until yesterday when I was checking my spam folder for something else and I realized nothing from WordPress had come through in three weeks.

Fractured Faith Blog writes daily and I can’t believe I didn’t realize I wasn’t getting his. He lives in Ireland and has been writing a book for months. I wish he would just self publish so I could read it already. He also writes about running and his struggle with faith.

Just another weight loss story maybe publishes once a week but they crack me up every time. She puts a spin on diet and exercise that is like no other. I sometimes forward them to my friends to read as well. She is also up for an award for best blog in South Africa. I of course voted for her.

I cannot believe that I get every type of junk mail, that I cannot get unsubscribed to, but yet my favorites were all sent to spam. It’s ridiculous. So I just spend ten minutes marking them all as not spam and I best start getting them back in my inbox. Until then I have twenty-four to catch up on.


Mole Moral ~ Check your spam every once in a while, you never know someone may have slipped through the cracks!