Cruise Notes Episode 3

These cruise notes are taking me longer than expected. My life is insane and every time I go on vacation all chaos breaks loose when I return. This vacation was no different except my computer did not blow up. I say it’s because I now own a Mac and not a Window’s product. I really should just shut up before my Mac blows up! After all what are the chances of getting a virus on a Mac? Slim to none but I did in fact get one.

Ok back to the cruise. We visited Nassau on Monday and Kayla and I swam with the stingrays. That was pretty cool! I did ask about their stingers and they said different types are poisonous and the ones we were with were not. Plus they clip their stinger which I had issues with because that isn’t exactly nature. I purposely did not swim with dolphins because I read upsetting things about that but made sure I read nothing on stingrays. I probably should now that it is over. I also forgot I was wearing my Fitbit HR and fried that. It wasn’t kidding when it said it’s not waterproof. I let it dry out for five days and still nothing, so I bought a new one the day after I returned. What can I say, I’m an addict to the stats.

Two days later we were suppose to stop at half-moon cay. At six am the captain of the ship comes over the loudspeaker and announces that due to the waves we would not be able to stop. It was too dangerous to board the tender boats to go over to the island. Not five minutes later the perky cruise director (Professor Bing Bong) comes on and repeats it. Except for once, he wasn’t so cheerful that I wanted to slap him. Kayla and I were pretty disappointed as we were suppose to go snorkeling but its a risk one takes when they vacation with Shleprock. (To read about my nickname click on Shleprock). So later on in the day he is out on the pool deck and I announce to Kayla I’m going to go talk to him about how often this happens. Imagine my surprise when I find this picture on her phone after we got back.


He informs me that this island gets cancelled about 20% of the time but it’s the first time it’s happened to him personally. I think he was rather new to his role but that’s just me trying to defend I’m not bad luck. So we spent four days on the cruise ship which was rather relaxing but also disappointing. I was refunded the money for our snorkeling which I promptly spent on pictures. I found out at dinner via Rose and Laney that two people were scheduled to get married on the island that day and they were unable to get married on the ship because it was in international waters and therefore would be invalid. That made me realize that missing snorkeling wasn’t so bad. I mean we can do another cruise at a later date and snorkel. But getting thirty people together on another cruise for a wedding probably is not feasible.

Mole moral~ Four days on a cruise ship wasn’t exactly what we planned, however we are blessed in being able to afford to go on a cruise and it was a good mother/daughter time.