A Mole Christmas Tradition

Everyone always mentions family Christmas traditions and my mind always go blank. But this year, one jumped out and smacked me in the head.
Every year I give each of my girls a Christmas ornament so that when they move out they will have enough for a tree. I try to make them something that is relevant to the year. When Emily was in seventh grade she took drama and was in The King and I. She was twin number one. So that year I bought her this ornament.

Now this ornament plays Shall We Dance so after its put on the tree someone pushes it and we all dance around the living room. This year I put the ornaments up when I was home alone. However I pushed the button and danced around the living room. Allyson came  home from work and saw I had put the ornaments up and looked right where I always place it and pushed the button. She, the dog and I then proceeded to dance around the room. Later that evening Brian returned from the property and he pushed it and we danced again. Kayla is due home from college and we shall see if she pushes it too. Since Emily will be out in California I think we may have to face time her so we can all dance.
Last week Allyson saw that The King and I was playing at the Fox Theater and asked if we could go. I told her if I can get tickets, it’s game on. So we went to the Sunday afternoon show. When I was a sophomore in high school we put on that play. I was in the orchestra and thought for sure I remembered the entire thing.  Nope I only remembered the shall we dance scene, the ending and the ballet scene. I’m pretty sure Kevin Olsen that played Simon of Legree had crazy long fingernails for the part. I ran into him at Mercy many years ago and he was a respiratory therapist. After we got home I got out my yearbook to see who was in the play. My memory was terrible and I’m glad I kept my yearbook all these years. I will never forget B.J. Bock who played the King did not have his lines memorized until the night before. I thought the drama teacher was going to lose his mind. Somehow he pulled it all together and it went smoothly live. I had totally forgotten Eddie Skaggs was in it which is probably how my crush on him developed. I do remember the girl who played Anna had an after play party and I went with my friends Tim and Kathy who also were in the orchestra with me. There was probably alcohol there but I was such a goodie two shoes I would have never drank.

The production was great and since I barely remembered anything about it, it was like seeing something brand new. Allyson had never been to the Fox so she enjoyed looking at how it was decorated. The program book had a lot of information about it and she found that very interesting. Especially how many lightbulbs were in the chandelier. We both agreed we would not want to be the one responsible for changing the burned out ones.

Mole Moral ~ Family Christmas traditions are cool, no matter how crazy they seem. I must go push the button!