Noise has entered my quiet retreat weekend

Well the rest of the Moles arrived home in shifts. Kayla had driven separately with her friend Rachel and she was home long enough to stink up the hall bathroom and then leave for a graduation swim party. Allyson and Brian arrived a couple hours later and the dog and I were quite happy to see them. They had a nice weekend. Allyson brought one of her friends and they spent a lot of time fishing. They went both Friday and Saturday night by boat to watch fireworks. Everyone seemed to have a great time.

They asked me what I did. I said nothing and it was heavenly. I watched some recorded TV uninterrupted. My dad suggested two new shows. One is The Night Shift which is on channel 5 and almost over for the season. I had to watch the first four episodes on the computer. I have two left on DVR and there are two episodes left after that. He also suggested Chasing Life on abc family. It recently started so I watched all four episodes of that show and it is awesome. At church today my dad said he could suggest a lot more shows to waste time on. I was sad that Nurse Jackie on showtime has already ended. I swear they only made 8 episodes this year. I started watching Catfish as well. I cannot believe how many people believe the person they are talking to are real and honest. Then again am I? Unless you really know me this whole entire blog could be total bullshit.

It was nice to have my computer when I wanted it. I also read Chris Powells new book and am looking forward to changing up my diet. After three years I have gotten into the rut of eating the exact same stuff and I’m bored with it and it is no longer working. I also start a 21 day challenge tomorrow with a friend from high school. It’s a group thing with a bunch of people. He made me do my measurements and I made him swear he would not put them on the internet. After that I kind of felt like a manly man. I am in desperate need of a waist! BAHAHAHAHA.

I am starting back on exercise tomorrow after five weeks off. I was really hoping to be able to either do Jillian killer buns and thighs or my new Piyo DVD that isn’t here yet. My foot is bad today, so that is a pipe dream. I will ride the exercise bike in the basement instead. Today I must have been walking on the outside of my foot because it hurts worse than the incision side. This seems to be a never ending nightmare. I try not to complain too much but feel like I am constantly wining and complaining. I really wish I would have just hacked the thing off. Ok I know that is really extreme and I am full of crap but this is taking forever. I think of my one friend who had it done. I swear she was back at work at three weeks and took one vicodin. Here I am at five weeks, still needing a 1/2 a percocet after work or too much activity and thinking it will never be better. After I had my hysterectomy I was having horrible left sided pain. I had a CT scan and then Dr. Veronikis told me he wanted me to come to his office. That was the day he told me my pathology on my uterus came back bad and he had already called Dr. Chobanian. Before he left the room he asked if he could do anything for me. I looked at him dead serious and said “Could you just get a gun and shoot me.” OMG the look on his face, I will never forget but he told me he couldn’t. If he only would have done has I wished. My dang foot wouldn’t be an issue but I would have missed a lot of stuff with my girls so I guess it’s a good thing he didn’t listen to me.

Tomorrow is a new day. I am off and getting my hair done. Maybe I will go up to the rec center and resume my membership. It was up the end of April and since I knew I was having surgery I did not renew. Now is the time.


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