Just call me red

IMG_4348Today was get my old lady gray hair done at the hair place. I arrive and Hollie says what do you want to do with your hair? I said I don’t care. She says do you want to go extreme red or something like that. I said sure let me go to the bathroom. When I return she is having a conversation with Kandace who always has cool hair about how to do this. Well it turns out it will be a two color process. Because I swear I have all gray hair underneath this mess she has to do the roots with one color. That sat for 45 minutes. Then she cut my hair and dried it. My roots were fiery red and the rest of the hair was like a brown color. Then color number two happened and 45 minutes later I ended up with this awesome red color. Hollie said it’s so everyone can find the nurse at Big Stuf next week. My appointment was at noon so I told my mom come over by two, my hair won’t take that long, I’m not that ugly. So when I walked up to the front porch at 2:30 I said I guess I am uglier than I realized. Yes I said it before she had a chance to say it. The apple doesn’t fall far from the cart. I know it’s the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree but one day when texting Meg I said the cart and she died laughing. And for total proof of this I posted on Facebook today that I got the letter that Kayla has been kicked out of the pediatric practice. Kayla says she’s never leaving Dr. Sato. So my mom responds  hurry up and have a baby Kayla and you won’t have to leave him.

IMG_4352After complaining about my foot yesterday and wanting to hack it off, it did not hurt until five this evening. I was walking this morning and forgot I had even had surgery because I was pain-free. That was so nice and gave me hope that this chapter in my life might soon be over. I followed low carb today and let me just say can’t wait for high carb tomorrow. I think I can handle it every other day. It’s the first time ever my nutrition chart was even for protein,carbs and fats. (Usually it’s 60% carbs) I made it on the exercise bike for thirty minutes today. I tried watching prison porn for a while and finally said screw it and scrolled on Facebook. Now that I have this bright funky red hair, I’m staying out of the pool. Don’t want the chlorine fading this. Because after all as Brian always says “Better dead than red!”


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