Don’t go to work

This morning I looked at the schedule and they were five away from needing me so once I again I thought to myself score I won’t be needed until three (I’m trying to baby my foot, normally I am wanting to work every day at 11) and once again I was wrong. There were 8 early surgeries so I went in at normal time. As I was getting ready to leave Allyson says to me can’t you stay home and take care of me? I said I was home all day yesterday doesn’t that count? Apparently not. So I told her I had to go in but I was off tomorrow and get ready to go swimming suit shopping. She needs a one piece for Big Stuf. She only agreed to this by stating she was getting a new Nintendo 3ds game. So I said ok why not. I mean after all I’m back at work so might as well spend all the money. Hahahaha.

IMG_4357Today was a high carb day. I felt this is pretty doable until I realized Big Stuf is like two weeks away and the food down there is basically high carb kid food. This could be tough but if I plan out ahead of time, I might just be able to pull it off. After I got home from work I realized my Piyo (its pilates and yoga combined) did not arrive via Fed X like it was supposed to so I went to tracking. Are you ready for this. It shipped from Grove City OH to Martinsburg WV and then back to Grove City OH and then to Earth City MO and now is currently at the Arnold Post office. Says it should be here in two days. I have considered doing a poll with the choices it will be here never, in six months and maybe a month. This makes me wonder where the insurance claim is on Emily’s book. Let me go check that out so I can get worked up again! No movement on the claim of course and I am sure the package is still saying its in the Arnold post office. So I have my doubts the Piyo will ever make it here. However I can’t do it just yet. Today at work was not nearly as bad as last week. My limp is so much better and my foot wasn’t throbbing after an hour. So hopefully soon I will be back to normal. Ok normal doesn’t really exist in my world. How about a normal kind of crazy!

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