Fun with texting

IMG_4361It all started a couple of days ago when I got a text from Emily (keep in mind she’s a college graduate who is in PT school currently) that said what if it’s       sir rye oh sis. (I can’t remember how to spell it). Allyson sees this text at the same time I did and said tell Emily she is worse at spelling than I am. Even I, CR the worst speller in the world can spell psoriasis. This is most likely due to the fact it is a medical term but who cares I can spell it.

So last night I screen shot the text and send it to Meg who cracks up laughing and then texts me back Dis funk shun al. Now we had just had an argument/discussion about how a dictionary is not helpful for those of us who cannot spell. She still owns one and I do not. So then the next words I get is Dick shun ary and Thu sar us. So even though it’s close to midnight I have to screen shot these conversations and send them to Emily. And so the picture is what I get back from Emily. I was cracking up! So we moles are easily entertained and now you have an idea of what we do for fun!


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