Normal is a setting on a washing machine

I just finished reading the book Popular: Boys Booze and Jesus. It was recommended by either Herc or Tom. I can’t ever keep their book wars straight. I cheated and bought it on Kindle so it didn’t help them out. Oh Herc and Tom are brothers and Pastors at my church and each month they recommend a book and put it on sale for 1/2 price in the church bookstore. They can be extremely competitive. Anyway, the book is really written for young adults but since I am still twenty in my head, I enjoy young adult books. The book is about the authors road to be popular in high school. Yep kind of glad i was never in the popular crowd. It would have been way too much work to be someone I am not. And I’ve never felt normal in my life. The author’s dad is the one who said that normal is a setting on a washing machine and it’s true. I am not sure normal even exists. Every single family no matter how perfect on the outside has something in the closet. It’s just some people’s closets are way more interesting than others! Nope, not discussing mine! Bahahahaha.


4 thoughts on “Normal is a setting on a washing machine

  1. I know ours wasn’t the “popular” group, but I still felt like we were special, and I was OK with that. I never felt our little “clique” had to compete with any other little “clique.” And I always knew and acknowledged tons of other people. I guess I’m saying, we might not have been “popular,” but we were nice and we were friendly.

    • Kristin you are so right. We had a great group of friends which I attribute to band! Really the best memories are from band. And I am still in touch with most of them. I still can’t believe Leanna Stacy is a grandma! Or that Kathy Lagage daughter graduated from high school this year. Life is crazy!

      • The grandma thing does throw me a bit, although I have friends that I didn’t graduate with who are already grandparents. It’s just hard to imagine one of us as a grandma. And even though Devon is heading off to college this year, I still don’t think of myself as old enough to have a college kid. I guess still having one at home that’s 12 helps with that, but still . . . I know you have one older than mine. Hard to believe. High school feels like yesterday sometimes.

  2. You had such nice friends and there were always kids who wanted to come to our house to “hang out” so yes, you were popular, you just haven’t yet figured out the true meaning of the word “popular”.

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