Little Critter

9780307119407Of all the kids books, I love these second to Frog and Toad. (I’ll save that for another day). Anyway Brian would read these to the kids but he would say Little Cry Ter (remember fun with texting) and make them crazy. They would scream its Little Critter and he would say yes Little Cry Ter. And they would get so mad. So earlier in the week Allyson and I went to Kohl’s to find her a one piece swimming suit for Big Stuf camp. When we walked in they had Little Critter stuffed animals on the Kohl’s care rack so we had to buy two. One for Allyson and one for Emily. Kayla never really read them much. So we mailed Emily’s hers with a new book. Just Go To Bed was my all time favorite. We borrowed Just a Gum Wrapper from the neighbors diagonal (the Feager’s) and never gave it back. It is still in the bookshelf. It might be embarrassing to give it back 15 years later. And the fact I remember this trivial information is scary. I am happy to report the post office safely delivered Emily’s Little Critter to her mailbox today. And I also got a refund check for the lost textbooks so I can stop talking about it. Remember when in doubt purchase insurance, best five dollars I ever spent!!

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