Dear God, I Hate you!

How many times did you say that to your parents as a kid or as an adult your kids said it to you? Well that was my first thought today in church when a girl got up to talk about a medical mission trip to Haiti. I have said many times I would never go to Haiti. I think I just said this to Hollie last week when she was doing my hair. And I know I said it to one of the kids (Dan) who went to Haiti with the church a couple of weeks ago. First of all am I ever gong to learn not to use the word NEVER? It like screws me every time. As the girl was talking I could feel that presence saying CR you really need to do this. It has to be God because this is so far out of my comfort zone that I can’t even really think about it too much or I get freaked out. There is an informational meeting on the 27th and I am marking it on my calendar. I had also said to Hollie this past week that I feel so disconnected at church that I was going to sign up for a small group next fall. I pretty much have every Monday off from work so I could go to Monday small group. So that same presence said you know this Haiti thing will have you connected with like people in the medical field. Although you do not have to be a medical person to go. So I checked my passport when I got home and it does not expire to 2017. Again God I hate you because I can’t use that as an excuse! So we shall see how this all plays out. If any of my nurse buddies has an interest just let me know! As for now Big Stuf Olympics is in about two hours and I can’t wait. It may be a double blog day depending on what happens there.

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