Big Stuf Olympics

12971698-olympics-rings--symbol-of-olympic-games-isolated-on-white-background-vector-illustrationToday was the Big Stuf Olympics. I think I have attended every year I went to camp except for maybe once. I have always been a spectator except for the first year I think I did some judging. It’s just a fun afternoon for the kids to meet each other before they share a room at camp. They are divided up into groups by grade year and boys and girls. They then compete in some crazy games and the winner of the boys and the girls gets to get on the bus first. This means better seats. It seems like every year it is always insanely hot and today was no different. Because I have spent little time outside this summer due to my surgery, it seemed even hotter than usual. It was a Disney theme this year and Allyson’s group was Pocahontas and Sierra’s was Snow White. (Allyson has never seen Pocahontas so we must watch that movie soon!) One group of boys was the Lion King. At the beginning they had to put on a little show. The Lion King was great. The Olympics were held at Rockport Elementary so one boy stood on the top of the slide with a stuffed lion in his and while they all sung that song with the weird words. It was great. They did an egg toss, water balloon toss and some other stuff. They ended with which group could drink nasty looking concoctions the fastest. Allyson volunteered and picked this stuff that kind of looked like milk (all the stuff was food processed) little did she know it was tunafish. She got about half of it in her mouth and if I only had my phone out for pictures. Her face was hilarious. Herc was convinced she was going to puke. She managed to get it all down and her group was the fastest. They also won so she’s first on the bus. I secretly called Brian and told him when we get home and we ask whats for dinner to say he decided to make tunafish. I thought she was going to hurl when he said it. Then we told him what happened! This time next week we will be at camp all checked into the hotel. Allyson, Sierra and I cannot wait!

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