Cooking Sucks

k14680701I should probably title this I really hate cooking. Too often everyone complains and refuses to eat and I get so sick of it. My kids would love to eat fast food 24/7 and Brian always says what he fixes tastes better because he puts love in it. Don’t believe me; here’s a perfect example.

Before I left for work I marinated steak in a Chris Powell recipe and Brian fixed it for dinner. I g0t home long after they have eaten and he said what was in the marinate besides orange juice. Allyson thought it was ok while he shakes his hand back and forth in the 50/50 gesture and then says I thought it was alright. I look at him and say alright, gee that’s a real big step up from ok. Then he says, what? it was alright. And this folks is why I hate even bothering to meal plan or cook. The only reason I’m doing it now is for myself and if no one else likes it they can eat pizza rolls, fast food or dog food for all I care. This eating every three hours is almost a nightmare. It reminds me of feeding a newborn baby. But it’s working well in that I am eating fewer calories, not feeling hungry and lost weight the first week. So if the meals are only ok or alright, I’m eating them!

And that’s my rant for the day. Not much else is new. Oh wait! I had the best day at work since long before my surgery. My foot pain was not at the forefront of everything I did today. I had a blast with my patients and the girls I work with! So maybe just maybe the surgery was worth it after all!

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