Doctor’s appointment

Monday was my six-week check up for my foot. Incision is totally healed and then he touched it and said is this still sensitive. Let’s just he’s really lucky I didn’t punch him like I did Dr. Larkin when he was messing with my knee. He said the nerve gets all mad because of cutting the fascia and likes to be inflamed for a while. He says you are pretty active what have you been doing. I said mostly going to work and I started Piyo. He then says in a couple of weeks I could probably start walking. I looked at him like he had three heads and said I’m thinking another 6 weeks before I attempt that. At this point it is enough to run around women’s health for eight hours three times a week. He agreed with me on that. So I go back again in another four weeks.

While I was there I said I think I have another planters wart on my left foot so he took a look at it. Flash back to last September when I went to see the other guy because I had five. I was supposed to have surgery but the planters fasciitis flared up and I started PT and I never had surgery. They all disappeared which I thought was odd. So Dr. Anderson looks at it and said it is a clogged duct from limping and making it mad. I’ll trim it down and shoot some acid in it and you will feel much better. So he whips out a #10 blade scalpel and starts scraping away on the wart. The whole time I’m thinking just one bad swipe and I’ll have another incision in the other foot. Of course that didn’t happen.

When I realized the only option I left surgery for my foot I did not return to the guy that removed my wart. A friend of mine researched  him on the internet and the patient reviews were not good. Then she had me get on and he has also had a bunch of lawsuits. Plus I knew his treatment for my problem was barefoot shoes. That is what got my foot into the mess that it had become. Running in the feet shoes and wearing the no support shoes. Although my orange ones were so comfortable. I knew if I went back to him he would say keep wearing the shoes it will go away. And yet walking was becoming more and more difficult. I mean when you want to amputate your foot with a butter knife I don’t think the barefoot thing was working. I knew two people who had went to Dr. Anderson and just loved him.

And yes Kathy if you are reading this I confessed my noncompliance with the boot and told him I had not worn it since four weeks post op. He said that was fine, wouldn’t do any damage just painful. I mentioned your name because he first said to me I ran into a friend of yours but I can’t remember where. When I told him he started laughing.

I go back in four weeks for another visit and then hopefully I’m released. The cortisone shot should be totally worn off by then so I should have an idea if I am finished with him or if he is in for another surgery with the non-compliant nurse CR.

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