The very best book in the whole world!

IMG_4412I think I mentioned on Facebook that I suggested to my mother that she start a blog to write down all the family stories since I never really paid attention to them. So that in fact created a blog monster and I really should be working on adding a print button to her blog because some of her friends want to print some of them out. The other day she wrote about my favorite book. I am going to copy and paste what she said because I would hate to be busted plagiarizing my own mother. That would be AWKWARD!

Somewhere along the way Mrs. Mugford had given Larry the book “The Bernstein Bears Picnic”. Mom didn’t dare throw it away because the Mugfords were at their house every other Saturday night and she wouldn’t want them to know she did (Larry was the biggest “tattle tale” I ever knew). John and I were both avid readers and we started reading books to Rachel before she could walk and Rachel loved books. When she was around two, she found “The Bernstein Bears Picnic” where Mom kept it next to Daddy’s Bible and she came into the kitchen carrying the book. She walked up to where Daddy was sitting and just stood there until he looked down and saw her. She handed him the book so, he picked her up and took her to “his” chair in the living room and sat down and read it to her. Now you haven’t had a story read to you unless you have had Daddy read one to you. We all thoroughly enjoyed it. When he finished, he told her “now go put it back where it goes” and she did. About an hour later here she came again with the book and stood beside him until he picked her up and took her to his chair and read it to her. From that day until she started school and had her own books to read, every time we went to Mom and Daddy’s, she would wait about an hour or so, then go get the book and stand beside “his” chair in the living room until he would see her there and come read it to her. Usually twice was enough, but I don’t think she ever ever said anything out loud about him reading the book to her.

IMG_4413I wish I could remember the way my grandpa read it. I know it was fantastic. I often stare at this page fascinated and I am sure he said some crazy stuff. Maybe I just like to pick the garbage out of the trash pile. My cousin Eddie is seven years older than Emily. His father “Uncle Larry” is seven years older than me. I know at some point I bought this book and mailed it to him in Pennsylvania. I have no idea if he ever read it or liked it. You know in this day of instant connection I could text and ask him. Wow I’m smarter than I look. Anyway I just love this book and I shall read it again tonight. I think when I first get to Heaven I’m going to walk straight up to Grandpa Miller with this book in my hand and stand there till he notices me and reads it to me. Then I am going to tell him to sing the dog and cat song for all of heaven to hear. He sounded like real dogs and cats in a fight. And then he can walk around on his hands and do a one arm push up and pick up a match stick with his teeth. That is if they have matches in heaven. We might have to drop into hell and pick one up! Ok its late and I am getting down right silly. Time for bed but first I am reading the best book in the whole world!

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