Why pack when you can cake hunt?

IMG_4432Today I got up and decided Allyson and I needed to go find some cakes. For those of you who are out-of-town or have no clue what I am talking about, St. Louis turned 250 years old this year and St. Louis has planted cakes around various locations. So far 247 have been placed with three left. So this week at work the pharmacist was telling me about the free app they have to find them. I downloaded it and found it to be slower than snot and not helpful so I went to the website (www.stl250.org) and they have listed all the locations. This is much easier for a GPS challenged individual. So it all started with wanting to see the one next to a giant bottle of ketchup over in IL. I told Allyson she was coming with me and I mapped out ten cakes in Belleville, Cahokia and Collinsville. It was a three-hour adventure full of fun. Our second stop was a church. Now my mother had just finished her story When the Church Bells Rang yesterday. No sooner than I had snapped Allyson’s picture then the church bell rang. I felt like it was my Grandpa Miller saying hello from heaven. So I told Allyson to hold on and i posted it to my moms wall. I suggested this blog as a way for her to tell the family stories less than a month ago. I thought it would keep her busy for a year or more. Nope she has finished it, epilogue and all and now is working on making it into a book.

I have decided I will see all 250 and will drag various family members with me whether they like it or not. It’s all about quality time and someday they can write in a blog about the summer their crazy mother dragged them all over St. Louis and IL to see these stupid ass cakes in which she took a picture of every one and then turned it into a scrapbook.

IMG_4444 And the giant bottle of ketchup brought back childhood memories. My mom use to keep stuff in a brooks ketchup or tomato box. I know her softball in which she pitched a no-hitter was kept in it. Unless of course I am off my rocker as usual. But the building and property was abandoned and for sale. That was kind of sad. I told Allyson before we got there it had 100 foot legs which she took to mean it looked like a comic bottle of ketchup with 100 foot legs. What I mean was it was sitting on top of 100 foot legs. I assumed the bottle would be square because I had forgotten they use to be round. Well worth driving around looking at cakes today. Now if I don’t finish the laundry, Allyson and I will be wearing the same outfit all week at camp. The bus pulls out at five am tomorrow morning.



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