Big Stuf the bus ride down

imageEvery trip to Big Stuf begins with an 18 hour ride to Panama City Beach. Prior to two years ago we would leave around seven in the evening and arrive around one the day camp started. We would have time to hang on the beach, get our room assignments at 4 and the rush was on to get ready for dinner and evening service. Now we leave at five and check in the night before so there isn’t such a rush upon arrival. This is so much nicer because we aren’t on the bus overnight trying to sleep. However I think I slept the entire time. I was awake long enough to eat. Allyson was on a different bus than me.

My bus leaders are fan and Tara. Dan was awesome and I really felt like I was on a Mole family vacation. Every time someone asked him how much longer he would say 2 1/2 hours. Now Brian’s standard answer to that question is always ten minutes. So today was just a family rode trip. And the bus was pretty quiet except when the bus leaders put in Frozen instead of Hifh School Musical. Dan swore the DVD wouldn’t read. It didn’t matter to me because I slept through all of it except when they were singing Let it Go.

Looking forward to the adventures God has planned for tomorrow and the rest of the week.

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