Double Red Flag Day


We woke up this morning to a double red flag which means absolutely no going in the ocean. Just yesterday someone ignored the flags and drowned. This was our free day to hang on the beach as camp didn’t start until five this evening. There was also no sun and fairly windy and the coolest I ever remember it being. It would have been a perfect day for a run. After lunch the kids started their team building activities. Each group made a sand castle. Just as they were starting the second activity it started raining.  I thought to myself really God this is your plan because it sucks! Will I ever learn?

So tonight I went into session knowing it would be good but the opening was PHENOMONAL! God was laughing at me and said really Rachel you were complaining about the beach when this was coming. The theme this year is stories and how we are a small part of Gods big story and we can’t always see the big picture. So anyway camp opened with te host reading a giant storybook and when he flipped the pages they had a movie screen and the pictures were like a movie. It’s hard to explain but it was totally awesome.

John acuff spoke tonight and he told a story about how birds build nests in lobster cages because it is safe and nothing can get to the birds. But if you asked the lobsters they spend their whole life avoiding the cages so they would tell the birds they are stupid. When you feel called to do something totally crazy who do you listen to the birds and go for it or the lobsters who say it’s stupid and kill the dream. And do sometimes we run our ideas by the lobsters so they will kill it and we won’t have to take the risk?

Yes God I heard the word Haiti again. We shall see who wins birds or lobsters. I’m excited to see what is in store for tomorrow. Also I am doing these on my phone so ignore spelling and grammar mistakes.

Mole lesson of the day be careful what you say to God because you never know what will happen.

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