Where your story has taken you

imageSo are you today where you thought you would be when you were 15? Did your life play out the way you thought it would. My answer hell to the no! Not even remotely close. Don’t get me wrong I knew I would be a nurse but that’s about the only thing that I was right about. I had my appendix out at 15 and had an awesome male nurse name joe. Now remember this is 1983 what’s the odds of having a male nurse?

I envisioned my life kind of like this. First of all I was never getting married. I mean why would I bother just so my husband could leave me. Warning not the best attitude to go into marriage with. Second I was never having kids. I never babysat as a teenager and kids freaked me the hell out. I almost failed nursing school because of my pediatric rotation. I had to call my mom before my evaluation so she could tell me what to say to keep myself in the program. She was smart and I talked my way through it. So no husband and no kids. I was going to get my masters degree in nursing. I briefly considered nurse anesthetist till I learned you had to pass physics. I failed that in high school and dropped at semester. And then I finished my bachelors and said no way am I signing up for even more stupid busy work classes.

I originally wanted to be a surgical nurse. Three days in the OR took care of that. I was never so bored in my life. The patients were out and no one to talk to. I wanted to work in the burn unit and after two years of med surg nursing I did work in the burn unit for ten years. As my time there came to an end I knew I needed to leave but was too fearful. God took care of that and a really sad event had me leave and go to gyn floor. And for the first ten years I shifted my focus to moms who had lost their babies. And now my focus has shifted again to the women who have suffered injuries from pelvic floor and bladder slings. Dr. Veronikis is one of a very few docs in the country who can do complete mesh removal.

Mole moral if you would have told me at 15 I would marry, have three kids, work on a gyn floor and go to a camp full of teenagers as the nurse for seven years I would have fell on the ground laughing and asked what kind of crap were you smoking!!

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