God, why don’t you do something?

imageI did. I created you! (Lyrics by Matthew West’s song “Do Something”. Every year at camp, Big Stuf comes up with a way for the kids to do something big. Last year they donated money and they got a picture of the kid who got a bible with the money they donated. Kayla has her kids picture in her mirror. This year was compassion international and sponsoring kids from Haiti. My first year at camp they also did compassion. I did not sponsor a kid at camp but that fall one of the kids from my church had a compassion sponsorship drive. They were hoping for 35 kids to be sponsored and over 70 were. My church was not very big at the time so this was really cool. I decided to sponsor Pendo from Tanzania. I have taken massive teasing about this since the beginning. My favorite one is she lives in CA and has wealthy parents and I’m being scammed. Just a few weeks ago, friends of mine went to Tanzania and met the five kids they sponsor. And no they were not drugged and really only in CA.

So I asked Allyson if she wanted to sponsor a kid from Haiti and she said yes so I let her pick. I am not going to lie I was surprised she picked a girl. We have so much here in America and still not happy with all our stuff. Just look at the amount of phones, iPads, tablets, computers, gaming systems. Children who are sponsored know their sponsors names. They keep all of their letters and treasure them. They get to stay in school have food and medical care. Seriously I easily spend 38 bucks a month on coffee and Brian spends it on soda. Isn’t that a small sacrifice to change the life of a child and have their story be so different because one person with so much gave a little to someone with nothing.

Mole moral. I think this years camp was by far THE BEST ONE EVER!! There are many reasons and I am so thankful. Big Stuf was sold last year as the man who started/created it (lanny donoho) was ready to retire. No one was sure how it would change. I noticed small changes that were bigger and better than ever. GO BIG STUF!!!

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