On the bus again

I am typing this while on the way home. We should hit Arnold around two or so. I’m not really positive because if I ask Dan (our fearless bus leader and my favorite kid) he will say two and a half hours! Earlier most of the bus was sleeping so Dan gets on the microphone and yelled (hey or hello or something) and scared the crap out of the entire bus and then says “oh did I say that loud?”  I cracked up laughing and thought he would fit right in on a mole family car trip.

Dans little stunt reminded me of my sophomore year in high school. I had missouri history sixth hour in second wing. Back then only first wing had air conditioning. It was so hot most of the class was sleeping including me. Well the teacher dropped his textbook from desk height and screamed everybody wake up. It scared the crap out of all of us and we got a lecture for sleeping. Heat + History + Momotone teacher = coma type sleep.

Ive had a blast this week. One kid that I’ve seen all three years came for a bandaid and I looked at him and said not you again, you are a walking disaster. I told another girl she was going to die. She looked at me like I was crazy and I said well eventually because everyone dies. Another girls middle finger was swollen from being shut in a door. I told her to walk around hold up her middle finger and ask if it was swollen. And I wonder why I don’t lead kids but am the nurse.

Mole moral of the day. I use humor as comic relief. All those kids were cracking up and not so upset about their injuries. I have a humor gift and I decided it’s high time I use it. Now to figure out when we will be home.

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