Herc’s Facebook post about relationships

Some amazing wisdom in this morning’s session on relationships. Here is a summary…
For guys:
1. Love Jesus (if you cannot follow then you for sure won’t be able to lead)
2. Protect your heart (if you don’t care about your own then you will definitely not care about a girl’s)
3. Get your life in order. (get a job, take your studies seriously, don’t be an underachieving party machine)
4. Say yes to the dress (date with marriage in mind…if you can’t do that then don’t date)

For Girls:
1. Love Jesus
2. Live from your beauty. (you are created in the image of God…you are fearfully and wonderfully made…you are a treasured daughter of the King…when you look in the mirror tell yourself these things)
3. Close the pawn shop. (you are valuable so quit giving cheap discounts)
4. Stock the fridge. (guys gather at homes where the fridge is filled with food…make the guys pursue you…as opposed to a watergirl(boy) who goes around looking for thirsty people)

For All:

1. Am I becoming the right man or woman for someone else?
2. Our hearts should be so hidden in God that a man or woman has to pursue God in order to find you.

Great honesty, openness, and wisdom from camp this morning!


I forget anyone can read these so let me tell you just a little about Herc. His real name is Robert but when he was a baby he laid with his arms up and received the nickname Herc from his family. He is second pastor in command after his brother Tom. He is one of the funniest, nicest people I have ever met!

If just one person found this helpful it will be so worth all the technology drama I went through just to paste this onto this blog. In the end it was fairly easy. However, as usual I was trying to do it the hard way. That would be the story of my life!

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