Anyone got a cigarette? Anyone?

Today has been by far one of the worst technology days ever. It all started last night with my decision to restore Kayla’s windows computer to factory settings. I bought her a refurbished mac before I went to camp. Well the old Windows computer got stuck at 12% restore. So this morning I spent two hours on the phone with tech support to find out the hard drive had crashed and burned. I spent 800 on it and another 300 to replace the screen. Well they wanted 250 to replace the hard drive. By this time I had zero filter left and I said “No way. I will throw this piece of shit in the trash and buy a Mac.” This makes the fourth Windows computer hard drive that I have had crash. I am finished with anything with windows. I have no intention of buying Allyson a mac until she is a senior in high school. It would have been nice for her to have the windows for her games but such is life. So we will continue to fight over mine.

I had finally finished that disaster up and was headed out the door to walk the dog when Emily calls. Her Mac was asking for some keychain password and wouldn’t run. I said look text Bob across the street, I cannot deal with this. She finally figured out the password but just now said its acting up. I said make an appointment with the apple store. Your computer is under warranty and again I can’t deal with this. Factor in Allyson and I driving all over looking at cakes and then trying to remember which cake is which and I’m thinking I could smoke an entire carton of cigarettes straight. The worst part was I couldn’t figure out where this one cake was located. Allyson takes one look at it and says its the back of the cake in the previous picture. I should have just offed myself right then. However I think tomorrow we will find a few more.

Oh and in the middle of this I call my mom thinking I could easily set up a second blog for her and that turns into total frustration on both ends so we decided we will work on that tomorrow. She finished the family story ( and now all her friends want her to keep writing. She’s going to start another called class of 66 but change the names to protect the guilty (like herself-after all she’s the one that got expelled from history class and had to repeat). I will let her tell those stories.

Oh and how can I forget about the camp CD. Someone restored the download code. I put it in and again nothing would download to my computer. So I still don’t have the camp music! Tomorrow will be a better day!

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