Rachel you know you are a little OCD?

If you are wondering how I responded to that my answer was “a little OCD, I think I’m a lot OCD.” I then went on to say right now I’m obsessed with the cakes and the Fox C-6 superintendent debacle. The guy I was talking to follows me on Facebook so of course he cracked up.

My obsessive side of my personality can be a good and bad thing. Let’s look at the cakes for example. I got the idea in my head the week of July 11. On July 19 Allyson and I saw our first cakes which included the big bottle of ketchup. In just seven weeks I have dragged various people to 249. I am waiting until Emily comes home to see the last two because I came up with a fantastic way to end it three weeks ago. So the good is I set a goal and finished it. The bad I have done nothing else but cake plan and go-go-go for fear I would not finish before December 31 when the cakes are removed.

Unfortunately for my Facebook followers the superintendent fiasco is going to drag out much longer. It seems almost every day more and more shocking stuff is revealed.

Now back to being obsessive. That has been a plus in I have learned a lot about computers and technology and how to fix things myself. When I can’t take it anymore and I crack and call tech support and they start by saying unplug the cables I say I’ve already done the basics jump ahead a few screens.

I put a lawn mower together when I was 12. My mom couldn’t figure it out but I did. So yes I freely admit I’m a little OCD. Now if I were only that way about keeping an organized house or cooking.

I am working on my next obsession. I have to get back to scrapbooking. I’m a good two years behind. I am working on the cakes in an on-line photo book and I need to figure out how much to charge for t-shirt quilts. If it were up to me I would do it for cost of materials because get it keeps me from eating or driving all over St. Louis.

Mole moral- life is best for mom mole when she had a project going on.

2 thoughts on “Rachel you know you are a little OCD?

  1. Rachel: I have seen you in action and all I saw was good! I wish I were like you. Btw I’d love 2 quilts and I am willing to pay you what it’s worth.

  2. now maybe you understand your Grandpa and Uncle Edward. Your Grandpa lived for books and music, without them he was quite “cranky” and your Uncle Edward was considered “eccentric” even when he was a child. I always felt like I never passed much of “Miller” on to you, but I did and just like them, you accomplish a lot and you never let your responsibilities be shortchanged. I am very proud of you!!!!
    P. S. $100 plus cost of materials is very cheap for a quilt….do not shortchange yourself!!!

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