The day at Six Flags

When the girls were younger we had season passes to Six Flags. After a few years we pretty much stopped going so I stopped buyingg them. Allyson has wanted to go all summer so I had decided by the time Fright Fest would roll around my foot would be ready for it. Over Labor day weekend they ran a special for a season pass for next year plus free parking for 50 dollars. Regular admission price is 45 and parking is outrageous at 20 bucks a visit. So I bit the bullet and bought Allyson, Kayla and I passes. Well today we decided to go and activate them. The park had hardly anyone there so there was no waiting. So within 90 minutes we had ridden Ninja, Mine Train, Boomerang, Superman and Screaming Eagle. Ok I am not sure what I was thinking because after the screaming eagle I had to go to the bathroom and vomit. And by vomit I don’t mean once or twice, it was multiple times. And let me just say I can barely tolerate McDonald’s coffee and coming back up was ten times more bitter than going down. I was done after that and the kids rode Mr. Freeze by themselves. It was about the time I finished  when I remembered why I stopped going to Six Flags. It can be summed up in four words! I AM TOO OLD! When I was younger my dad took my sister and I to Six Flags every summer. We would arrive when it opened, and stay until closing. I have no idea how he did this. And probably about five years after the screaming eagle opened (I was 9 when it opened and we waited 2 1/2 hours to ride it) we rode it 8 times in a row. I don’t even think I could ride it twice now without my head pounding. Speaking of which, I feel like I have a massive hangover so I am going back to laying down.

Lesson learned from today, next time I go I am sticking to the log flume and the old-time cars!

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