My first 5K in a year!

IMG_5613The last time I ran a race was a year ago when I did the ROC (families run for ovarian cancer)run. I did walk (barely) for the RASCALS 5K run with Allyson about a month later. Since then I have been pretty much battling plantar fasciitis or recovery from surgery. And I’m going to be brutally honest I am sick of it! I am sick of my foot hurting pretty much every day. I haven’t really talked about it much because if left unspoken, it really isn’t happening. However, it is. There was about a two-week period where my foot felt great and then it went all to hell. And now by the time work ends both of my feet are hurting and I’m cussing because they wouldn’t amputate my foot like I wanted. I know my left foot is only acting up because I am back gimping on my right. And it’s not the plantar fascitiis pain either. (Of course it isn’t , it’s me I’m talking about). The outside of my right foot hurts because I think I’m rotating out when I walk to avoid the incisional pain. So I switched shoes and that  helped a little. Then I found my 700 custom orthotics and wore those. Now that really helped the arch of my foot but really bugged my heels on both feet. I cannot win for losing. However, this is all I am going to say on the subject. Oh and please if you are thinking she should just quit running that’s not even the issue. Besides today I haven’t run or did any kind of distance in three weeks and I still have pain. Also think about what you love most and never do it again. It freaking sucks BIG TIME.

So anyway I decided I was doing the run today and if I can’t walk tomorrow so be it. This is the third year in a row I have done this race and it is amazing. The sea of tea colored shirts is awesome and its nice to run besides women who are surviving ovarian cancer. The floor I work on, I take care of ladies with ovarian cancer. I see them when they are first diagnosed after surgery and sometimes never again. While I was running I thought of my most favorite patient who is now in heaven. I also thought about my first one who is now ten years in the survivorship. And there have been many more along the way. It kind of put a few things in perspective. My feet might hurt to the point of amputation but at least I am not dying or fighting one of the worst cancers ever. I’m looking forward to next years run as well. Who knows I may be in a wheelchair by then but I will be there!

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