The best laid plans always go awry


Such is the life with moles. Today was teacher development day (which prior to attending school board meetings, I always thought was teacher goof off day. However,I know for sure the principal’s have to lay out a plan to improve all the scores in their school and present to the board in two months so I imagine they will use this day for that.) Anyway, Allyson was off of school so we made plans over the weekend to go apple picking at Eckert’s and then see the Cahokia Mounds today. We saw both places earlier this summer only long enough to take a picture with the cake and we wanted to come back and enjoy the day. So we made it to Eckert’s and had fun picking the apples. I think we brought home close to 17 pounds. So I have already made applesauce and have pie crust chilling in the fridge. So I looked up the address to Cahokia Mounds to GPS our way there. And guess what they are closed on Monday and Tuesdays so we couldn’t even go. Everything I ever plan seems to turn into a big fiasco! It’s why I never entertain or leave the house. Ok so I am really antisocial and I am blaming it on bad luck. BAHAHAHA.

We had a good day and have decided we will see the mounds on the weekend and drag Brian along. I am sure he would really enjoy that Indian stuff too. One thing about driving all over creation to find cakes is we have seen a lot of places we never knew existed and want to go back and visit them!

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