Another day, another cooking disaster

Today is Dominic’s (Kayla’s boyfriend) birthday. He said he would like New York Cheesecake so I’ve made cheesecake before (Jello no bake) so I say this will be easy. Ok why did I say that? It has been a freaking nightmare. I have to make some sort of sponge-cake bottom. It did not turn out like it should because 1)I beat the entire egg instead of the yolk and 2) when I poured the cheesecake layer into it bubbled up to the top. I thought at that time screw it the batter tasted fabulous and so did the spongy bottom so they should be great mixed together. I forget the pan is hot after the bottom baked and burned my fingers. It has to cook for 1:15 and then cool for 2 and then refrigerate for 6. So with 14 minutes left I go to check on it and somehow the oven has turned itself off! Like there is no heat so I turned it back on but have no clue how much longer it needs to cook. I am scheduled to work a seven am tomorrow so I do not have all night to be fighting with this. It should be really interesting to see how this turns out. The next time someone requests cheesecake I am going back to the Jello brand. The kids were shocked and thought all these years I made homemade cheesecake!

Mole moral-Stick to box food, it’s so much easier!

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