It’s not a pocketknife, its a machete

All three girls have spent their money they received from Grandpa John for Christmas. Emily bought herself two new pairs of jeans. Kayla ran out and got her belly button pierced. She has harassed me for years to which I said, I am not signing for it so you will have to wait until you are 18 and pay for it with your own money. Hey she did follow the rules. Now if she will only stop showing it to me because it makes me want to throw up. I cannot stand sticking my finger in  my bellybutton so I cannot imagine having an earring in it. Let me go vomit before I finish typing this. And then there was Allyson. She found a knife on the internet that she wanted and it was within budget. I thought it was going to be a knife that would fit in her pocket. It came in the mail while I was at work yesterday and when I came home Emily said it was a machete. The thing is huge and certainly not a pocketknife. Allyson said it’s not sharp at all. To which Emily said she and dad are planning on going to Johnny’s (Brian’s life long friend and hunting/fishing buddy) and sharpening it all up. I suppose if Allyson can shoot a deer with a rifle, she can own this sharp giant knife with a scorpion handle.










Mole moral~Always check the dimensions when ordering things off of the internet.


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