It’s been a fairly quiet week or two around the house so not much to write about. And the things I would like to write about involve work and cannot be posted in a public forum anyway. I so enjoy my work, especially since the steroid injection has worn off my left foot and with massive stretching, I have been pain-free.

Anyway I still have not finished my cake Christmas ornaments but when I do I will blog about that. Instead I have decided to start working on the t-shirt quilt for one of Emily’s friends. This is only my third one and the first two were all the same sized blocks which made it really easy. This girls shirts gave me the idea to combine two into one square and four into one. This requires knowledge of fractions to get it all to work out correctly. Each big square will be 12×12 after sewing (12.5×12.5 before to allow for 1.25 seam allowance on each side). The smaller squares will have material in between at .5 inch so see how this becomes I fraction nightmare. We shall see how it all turns out when I’m finished. I guess this proves basic math is used in everyday life. As for the square root of something maybe. The quilt is 25 blocks and wouldn’t the square root be 5?

Mole moral: One never knows when one will use something they learned a long long time ago!

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