The brain of a runner

I return to work in six days! Heck yes I am counting, I cannot wait. I am fortunate to work part-time which I think helps immensely. I truly enjoy my job and the people I work with and the patients I take care. I cannot wait to see them all again. I purchased a fitbit last September to get a feel of how much I was walking at work and how much bothered my foot. On days I work the entire 8 and I am busy I easily hit 10,000 and my little armband buzzes. At home if I don’t do much of anything we won’t discuss that number. So I feel my foot needs to be able to tolerate 10,000 steps three days a week and I can rest on the others. So today I decided to go for a walk. I only did one and a half miles. Just 1 1/2 miles. Only runners and crazy people talk like this! Before all these injuries that distance wasn’t even worth going out for. That shows you how warped my brain became. Wait it still is. So anyway due to the non stop rain I did a half a mile earlier and had to come back for rain and barely got the mile in before it was raining again. However I refuse to let it rain on my parade. Hahahah. I did notice it is much easier on my foot to go up the hill than down the hill. Now my horrible cardio will tell you that downhill was much easier. I have lost a lot in the past two months. Pastor Tom is right, what you work on, you get better at, what you don’t work on, you get worse at! I am worse but am hoping that this comeback will be the final comeback. I really would like to do my ten-mile run down to the shell station on Imperial Main Street sometime in the future.

Mole moral~ Walking leads to running (to get done faster) which then leads to crazy runner brain. You have been warned!

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