The Library

Today I went to the library to renew my library card. They had sent me three emails so I thought why not? There were a couple of books I had read in high school that were fairly racy for that time but I could no longer remember the names of them. Oh what would the young people do without Google. All I had to do was type a synopsis and BAM the names were right there. The one was available on Kindle so I bought it and read it last night. The other is not on Kindle and I really wanted to avoid ordering a hard copy but the library doesn’t have it either. It’s about a girl who runs away to become a model and ends up a hooker. I have never really grown up and still enjoy the young adult section so I walked over there to see if they had any books by Robert Cormier that I had not read. Score I picked up Tenderness and I can’t wait to read it. He wrote The Chocolate War and a bunch of other stuff. Most of his work is really bizarre. It reminds me of Wayward Pines, my newest obsession. I read the first book and it’s just bizarre. It also ended right where the TV series is at.

I also have checked a lot of books out via the library’s online site. Kind of like Kindle but they have their own app. It was obvious I hadn’t been inside the library for a long time when the librarian yelled to me that I could check myself out at the self check-out. It made me wonder if computers are going to take over everyone’s jobs. I mean seriously. Although maybe this gives the librarian more time to find research stuff for people. I have no idea. Let’s just say it’s been way too long since I have written a paper and I am perfectly happy keeping it that way.

Mole moral~Times are changing, even at the library. Does anyone remember the card catalogue? I have memories of opening the drawers and looking for books. They were categorized by title, author and subject and I am ending this because I am showing my age again!


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