My frog friends

imageSometime around the beginning of May I noticed loud frog noises coming from the backyard. Brian said when we opened the pool, they would be gone. He said the chlorine would chase them off. After the pool opened I didn’t hear anything for maybe two days and then the frog was back and with a buddy. We could hear them carrying on with the windows shut. Last week he told Kayla one of the frogs jumped into the pool so she refused to go swimming that night. Over the weekend I finally caught the suckers in action on the pool ledge. I just had to get their pictures. They were quiet until I went back into the house. Every evening after dark they park themselves on the same part of the pool ledge and carry on like two old women gossiping. I have named the Frog and Toad even though they are both either one or the other.

frog-and-toad-are-friendsGrowing up one of my favorite I can read all by myself books was called Frog and Toad are Friends. I bought a new copy when Emily could read and then discovered there were three more books in the series so I have them all. The Frog and Toad are Friends book is still the best by far! When I was younger one of my moms friends called me Frog and my sister Toad. It’s stuck with me all these years. I will admit a few years back I got stuffed Frog and Toad off of Ebay and they sit on my dresser. It just shows I am a kid at heart.



Mole moral~If something annoys you, try to make friends with it. If that’s not possible shoot it dead. HAHAHAHA

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