Saying Goodbye

imageToday I said good-bye to a couple of really good co-workers but not before going out with them the night before after work! I will miss E. Hayes and Wankster Willy (aka Erin and Lindsay). Wankster is always so much fun to be around. Last night she had me in tears when she was pretending to be a patient and complaining about some of the crazy things people come up with. A couple of the residents joined us and they may think twice before they ever party with the women’s health crazies! Lindsay has graduated and is an athletic trainer and starts her new job on Monday. She plans to get her masters and then teach. Oh how lucky and blessed her students will be! Erin is going to work in Dr. Murray’s office. Dr. Murray is one of our gyn/oncologists and she made Erin promise not to tell us she was leaving until Dr. Murray was out-of-town so we didn’t kill Dr. Murray. Well guess what, I plan to slap Dr. Murray when I see her next. Erin joined WH when she was 19 as a tech and she was in nursing school. It has been a pleasure to watch her grow into a wonderful nurse. She has also gotten married and had two children in this time. I feel like my own children are leaving the nest. They will both do well and bless those they come in contact with. I will be interested to see who God replaces them with. Things always change even when we don’t want them to!


Mole Moral~ I am way too old to party like I’m 25. It’s been a rough day for mama mole! However, it was worth if for all of the fun I had last night!

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