Working full time is for the birds and I am not a bird

It’s a good thing this blog is not my paying job because I would be living out of my car by now. I haven’t had a chance to write since I said good-bye to my work buddies. I then signed up for a bunch of extra shifts at work. Brian has not been working full-time for a while. He tends to have at least one if not two days off work each week due to no work. This sucks because he also does not have vacation time so it’s without pay. So I decided to pick up the slack. I actually clocked 40 hours within one week about three weeks ago. Let me just say getting up at 5:30 to go to work is no fun at all. I am not awake until 10 so the beginning of those shifts are quite entertaining for my patients and the people who I work with! However its been a great learning experience. Everyone seems to think coming in and taking five surgeries back to back is difficult. I find that way easier than having five patients, sending three home and getting three new ones. By the end of 12 hours I have no idea who is who or what is going on. Not really but it makes not violating Hippa really easy because I’m too old to remember all those names by the end of the day!

Besides working all these hours, Brian and I decided it was time to stain the deck. He did the floor and I am working on the railings and steps etc. Our deck rocks until it has to be stained. Then I cuss at it because it is so huge!

I am also training for a 1/2 marathon. I found a couch to 1/2 marathon guide which is what i am using. This keeps me from walking/running too much in one week. I just did my 8 mile long run yesterday in the glorious cool weather. I remember thinking that how horrible I felt for two weeks after my last surgery was more than worth it!

I am still working on Kayla’s quilt made out of dance costumes. I’m still cutting out triangles but the light is at the end of the tunnel. I think I will have enough for four quilts but I want a huge selection and just keep cutting. I have actually lost my mind.

Back to planning our 25th wedding anniversary trip. Now that Allyson started high school today, I have my computer back!


Mole moral~Never a dull moment and never do I sit still!

One thought on “Working full time is for the birds and I am not a bird

  1. Keeping busy is a good thing……just don’t stretch yourself too thin…..soon enough you won’t be able to do much of anything so keep making good memories because you will someday live in “memoryville” xoxoxoxox

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