Goldilocks Half Marathon


image  How many people plan a 25th wedding anniversary trip and look for a run to do while on it. At least one person, because that’s exactly what I did. I found this run and it was awesome. First of all, it was girls only so instead of getting another giant medal to add to my medal rack, I received a necklace. The course support on this run was even better than Disney runs. There were water stops and bathrooms every two miles. The bathrooms were pink and sadly I had a phone malfunction and did not get a picture. At mile 10 they handed out ice pops and I being the juvenile delinquent that I am, took a blue one. It was a yummy surprise. We boarded buses at 05:45 and they took us 13.1 miles away and dropped us off and we ran back.

The run was through red rock canyon and it was gorgeous. However unless you love running hills, I can’t recommend it. It was tough. I run around my neighborhood and since I live at the top of a giant hill, I end every run up the hill. Last week I ran 4 miles straight including my hill and the hill on Vogel that goes up to Simpson school. I’m glad I did, made this more tolerable.

This was a smaller run and they had pacer’s so I started out with the 2:45 group which I didn’t last a 1/4 mile. I realized they were running way too fast. I am a negative split runner which means I start slow and end fast. Normal people start off fast and end slower. Before mile 1 the three-hour pace group was ahead of me and then the mind games started. My goal was three hours or less. I quickly realized they were running faster than the pace. When I pointed this out, the girl said yes planning to do the first six faster because of hills and then coast the last six. That plan was the exact opposite of how I run. So they were in front of me until the major hill around 5-6. I finally got ahead of them and never looked back. That’s a lie, I kept making sure they weren’t catching me.



Not too long after the hill it started raining and drizzled for about three miles. It was my first race that it actually rained. This time I was smart and did not wear white. I was really hot so I was fine with it. All the time we were running, guys on bicycles were cycling back and forth making sure we runners were doing ok. It was nice.

So I rounded the corner to the finish and there was Brian waiting for me. I almost started crying right there. However I kept it together and finished under the goal and ahead of the pacer. I attempted to have my picture taken with the bear but my phone jammed up and got stuck on Siri asking what I needed. I wanted to choke that computer person out.


Mole moral~ Set a goal and achieve it! I had foot surgery five months ago and decided if I take it slow I could do a half this fall. I’m an over achiever, I’ve done two. Or maybe I really am a functioning psycho!


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