A Christmas Miracle (sort of)

My brother-in-law Chris was diagnosed with stage four lymphoma almost two years ago. It was bad enough that conventional chemo wouldn’t do any good (or they may have tried it, I can’t remember) so they offered him experimental chemo without much hope. He was in the Army stationed in WA at the time. He was home last Thanksgiving and in my usual CR self I told him not to die until after he retired from the army (which was a year later) so Brian’s sister and my nephew would have military benefits for life.

He came home to Missouri last week for good. I think he is officially retired at the beginning of January but is using vacation time until then. He went out to Siteman for a treatment and they told him he is in remission. Yes, remission from stage four lymphoma. I am not going to lie, if someone told me this would be the result I would have told them to go take a toke off of their crack pipe! I was so shocked when I heard the news today that I had to share on my blog. God certainly works in crazy ways!


Mole moral ~ It’s so nice when negative Nelly (me with medical stuff) is wrong and God surprises me. I am praying for remission to last a long time!

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