It’s just hair

imageAllyson has been asking me for at least a month to let her get her hair cut. She sent me a picture of what she wanted and I almost had a heart attack. I had to tell myself it’s only hair and it’s her hair and it grows back. So when I shared with Hollie (who does my hair) what she wanted, she almost had a stroke as well. Hollie does not like cutting long hair to short much less super long to super short. So Hollie and I talked and she decided to do a short bob and then have Allyson come back in a week to finish.

So five days later we arrive and Hollie asks Allyson a lot of questions and they look at pictures. Hollie then announces she’s just doing it all now and forget the two step process. Allyson is thrilled and I’m a bit freaked out. Hollie is having a nervous heart attack. She cut off to shoulders first and the whole shop about had a stroke. When Hollie broke out the clippers they all freaked. The haircut took an hour and by the end Hollie needed a shot and a bottle of wine but Allyson loved it and that’s all that mattered. Before Hollie started she said, “it’s only hair and it will grow back”

Brian really liked it and wanted to know why her hair was so soft. I said because she doesn’t use head and shoulders shampoo. Smoking grandma had a bit of a hard time. Kayla hated it and Brian’s mom said it looked like mine. Emily announced that the mole girls can really pull off the lesbian hair cut. After all my girls have called me Lizzie for four years. They are as funny as their father.

Mole moral ~ Allyson is amazing as she does not feel compelled to conform to society and is her own person, comfortable in her own skin.

Merry Christmas! The best gifts do not always come in wrapping paper and fancy bows!

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