Facebook and Gluten Free

I guess its been close to a month since I decided to remove the Facebook app from my phone. I just felt like I was wasting too much time reading it. I also was tired of all the political mumbo jumbo and everything else. I can indeed pull Facebook up via the safari browser but I have found myself rarely doing that. Before Christmas I had an eczema flare start that will not go away. I had it once before many years ago for a month or so. It started behind my knees both times. This time it has gotten out of control and to the point I wanted to claw my skin off! There have been times my skin felt like it was on fire. So i am either going crazy or just my usual hot mess.

So I decided I would try gluten free even though I do not have celiac disease and have never had digestive type issues. Gluten can trigger eczema. I rarely cook or grocery shop. I have zero interest and I swore I had no time. Well since I have cut Facebook down to a bare minimum I have done both. We have tried all kinds of crazy recipes and I started making my own gluten free bread and crackers. I am just going to say that when one has to make their own crackers, one is less likely to binge and eat them all at once because there is no running to the store for more. My first attempt at the bread was hysterical. It looked beautiful when I took it out of the oven, but two hours later when I was back from running it has fallen to midget size. I had not cooked it near long enough. I haven’t made that mistake since.

The kids are not too keen on it but then again if its not fast food they aren’t keen on anything. I have given up on trying to make food they like. Actually I am to the point as long as I like it everyone else can make what they like. Brian has enjoyed the new recipes and not cooking so much although I do find him often wondering around the kitchen looking for ways to help.


Mole moral ~ I have found social medial to be a bigger waste of time than I had realized. However I am not cutting it totally out of my life, as that would be crazy!

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