Meeting Miss Ellie

IMG_0945Please note the title is meeting, not meet as in I did not adopt a pig! I thought it was best to set this straight right away because my mother knows what an animal lover I am and she would be having a stroke thinking I am now living with a pig. My dog Soleil is an only child and will stay that way because that is how she prefers it. She doesn’t mind when we dog sit but I don’t think she needs a companion twenty-four/seven.

My friend Brittany who I worked with ten years ago on Women’s Health had posted a few months ago she was looking for someone to watch her two pigs while they were on vacation this summer. I being the animal lover, jumped at the chance. My cousin Eddie owned two different pigs and said they were smarter and cleaner than dogs. Then all of a sudden then ended up fostering and taking in the third pig which was Miss Ellie. I knew there was no way I could handle three pigs but I didn’t have the heart to tell her. Well, then she posted that she only wanted me to watch Miss Ellie (the other two are boys.) She wanted to bring her by for a home visit so I could meet her and she and her husband could check out the house. It reminded me of when we adopted Soleil. So she and her husband brought her over yesterday and Kayla was home. I would have felt like an idiot taking pictures but you know the younger generation photos everything so Kayla took a bunch and put them on her snapchat story. So that is where I got this one. Ellie loves to eat Cheerios and Soleil just stood there patiently and Zach gave her a couple.

I didn’t pet Ellie too much because I figured maybe pigs are like dogs and do not want people just touching them. So I used the Cesar Milan rule of just kind of watching her. She’s really vocal, especially when you try to get her to move to go outside or change surfaces like hardwood to concrete. The more she doesn’t want to do it, the louder she becomes. They told me just to ignore that. This reminded me of the bearded dragon and the previous owner telling us just ignore his puffed up behavior and pick him up anyway.

Soleil got along really well with her. One time Soleil was bugging her so she got the head swipe. Apparently pigs don’t bite they head butt each other. I looked at Soleil and said that will teach you. She will be coming over again before they go on vacation. This time the animal lover Allyson should be home. She was disappointed she didn’t get to meet Ellie and asked Kayla and me all kinds of questions. It shall be a fun summer adventure.


Mole moral~ If you need pet setting, the Mole’s are your people!


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