Leap Day is the best day ever!

Ever since I was a little kid leap day has always been my favorite day of the year. There are several reasons for this but the biggest one is it’s special because it only happens once every four years. Also it was the year of the Olympics because they use to do the summer and winter Olympics in the same year. I can’t remember when they moved the winter Olympics to the non leap even year but they did!

Seven leap years ago Brian called me and proposed to me over the phone. I was at school (Deaconess College of Nursing) and I think he maybe came to visit me three or four times the entire time I was there. In his defense I came home every weekend because no one stayed there and everyone went home. I said yes and couldn’t wait to go ring shopping. He quickly informed me he wasn’t buying a ring at this time. I finally got him to part with the money for an engagement ring three months later on my birthday. We originally planned to get married on February 29, 1992 as it even fell on a Saturday. However, in August (1988) I moved to Edwardsville to get my bachelors degree in nursing. I moved in with my best friend Gena. I was also working as a nurse at Deaconess and was scheduled Labor Day weekend. I was crazy busy and did not call him for three days. Brian was convinced I had met someone else and the next thing I knew he wanted to move the date up. He will deny this but it was not my idea. I wanted to be finished with my degree before I got married. I was slated to finish school in March of 1990. (Back in those days SIUE was on weird trimesters). We decided we wanted to get married in October. Our first (and blind) date was on October 11 so I wanted to get married on the 13 but Brian refused. He said our anniversary would fall on a Friday from time to time and that would be bad luck. So we settled on October 20, 1990 and the rest is history.

Since I ended up not getting married on leap day, I tried to have my two oldest kids on leap day. I missed it by three months both times. Allyson was not born in a leap year so I was really off with her. I worked with a nurse on Women’s Health whose birthday was leap day but she has since retired. Last leap day I made a cake and brought it in for her. She was really touched an surprised. Who knows maybe I will have a grand baby on leap day! I cannot believe I just said that! I am not old enough for that nonsense.


Mole Moral~Leap Day will always be the best day ever!

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