Korn Dog

Its been a difficult week in the Moehlmann house. Monday was the best day ever but set off an unexpected chain of events that led to more stress than I could have imagined and my itching skin that I had finally gotten under control, flared up again. This leads me to the conclusion I can eat all the gluten I want, and if my stress is under control I won’t be such a dry flaky mess.

Today Brian received the news that his really good friend Dave had passed away. His friends nickname was Korn Dog because Korn was his last name. Dave had been diagnosed with HPV of the tonsil. I remember asking Dr. Chobanian about it at the time and he said he was sorry because that was a really bad cancer. Dave did well for a while after the surgery and treatment although he became very thin and never drank like he use to. It came back and I think he may have done one more round of treatment but the last time he refused and now he is in heaven.

There are so many great Korn Dog stories. One of my favorites was a party Brian attended at their house. I must have been working but I will never forget Brian telling me Dave would let the kids ride on his back while he went down the stairs on his stomach. So it was like the kids were sleigh riding in the house. I can’t even imagine how sore he was when he woke up. He and Brian met when Brian worked at RotoMetrics. They were both on the same golf league with a few other Roto guys. Every year the golf league would have a weekend golf getaway which basically was a drunken fest. Dave laid down in the fairway and fell asleep while waiting to tee off. When it was his time, he woke up, rolled down the hill and hit the ball as if he were awake the entire time. He was one of my favorites of Brian’s friends.

Mole Moral~ Live as if your time is short and focus on what is most important. Love God with all your heart, soul and mind, and love your neighbor as your self. Jesus!

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