A different definition of insanity

I think it was Dr. Phil that I heard the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. This past weeks long run was 16 miles and it rained almost every single day. So this left me with three choices run in the rain (no way, it would mess up my iPhone), use the treadmill (I’d rather rip out my fingernails) or go to the Arnold Recreation Center and use the indoor track. I had recently discovered the indoor track being free to walk and run on. So I picked the lesser of the three evils. So how many laps did I run? Somewhere around 192. Now that is insanity. I had a few people asked me how I managed. Well for one I listened to my Jesus running music. I really connect with God that way but I have to be careful not to be singing out loud. And even worse is if a Kid Stuf song I have to be super careful not to be doing the arm motions. I mean I borderline on a lunatic spending over 3 hours walking/running 192 laps as it is. Just let me sing out loud and do crazy arm motions and the white coats would be immediately sent for.

As different music plays, I am reminded of different things. Lets see Broadcast came on which was the opening song to the very first Big Stuf camp I ever attended. How He Loves also from that first camp in which for the first time I could feel people loved me. That’s a hard one to explain and belongs in a different blog. A lot of my music comes straight from camp. There are songs that make me think of Brent a kid from church that sings in the youth band. Sometimes I heard him sing it before the original artist and well he is just better. My only non Christian song is What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. The Oak Bridge interns did a flash mob to that song. Sometimes when I listen to it, it’s as if God as singing it to me. It works pretty well for that. Maybe Uncle Larry is right, any secular song can be switched to Christian just by changing the words. Oh how that makes my cousin Eddie crazy when he says that.

This weeks long run is 18 miles and no rain in the forecast so back to my normal running route. And yes I have signed up for a full marathon!


Mole Moral~I can usually find a work around any problem and the track was just such a thing! Yep I’m insane!

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