The Wizard of Oz

Finally after eleven years all is right with the Wizard of Oz. These pictures are  living proof.


It all started back in 2004 when my nephew Tyler was slated to be born by cesarean section on 10/29. I asked my brother and sister-in-law if my niece Sarah could spend Halloween with us. They said sure and then I came up with the grandiose idea to do a Wizard of Oz theme. Emily and my niece Sierra both wanted to be Dorothy and Emily swears Sierra refused to cooperate unless she was  Dorothy. So I being the mean mom I have always been, told Emily to pick a different character. She refused to be the wicked witch and to this day says that should have been Sierra. She finally agreed to be the house that landed on the wicked witch of the east.


I am pretty sure the only way should would wear the costume was to make the house this weird satin pink color and  I was willing to agree to anything.  We did not realize how heavy cardboard would become so she took it off about midway through trick or treating and made her dad carry it.

Making the costumes turned into a nightmare. Kyle’s tin man costume came out three sizes too small so I said screw it and bought him sweats. Allison’s was supposed to have some sort of straw material and I couldn’t find that so I cut up strips of material and made that straw. Sarah’s good witch hat was huge! Her grandpa Jerry called it her Pope hat. The shoe covers for Kayla’s lion costume were in Allyson’s closet for years.

After this I am not sure if I ever made another Halloween costume and swore off sewing for a few years. And then the advertisement for the Wicked half marathon showed up in my news feed.


I could have sworn Emily asked me if she could run it with me but I may have asked her. She swears it was my idea and I came up with the idea to dress up. I told her she would be Dorothy and I was trying to decide between the tin man or the scarecrow. To enter the costume contest they had to be submitted by December. We wouldn’t have our costumes finished until the night before the run. Sometime later I decided to be a flying monkey and used this monkey as my model.



However, I did Emily’s costume first. I knew she was a sweater and needed a running wicking shirt so I bought a plain white one and came up with the great idea to pain the gingham check on it. I ordered the material to make the skirt and must have looked at it in blown up size because when it arrived the print was tiny and I had to make way smaller squares for the shirt. I used 1/4 inch quilter’s tape to make the squares. I bet a put a good ten hours into the shirt. And the skirt should have been a piece of cake but the first time I made it Kayla could barely wear it so I asked Emily to measure her waist. I remade it and when she came home it was huge. I asked her and she said “oh yeah I added two inches to my waist measurement.” I could have killed her because I had to take the skirt apart and for the third and last time put the zipper in. It was still a little big, but I told her too bad you can pin it like when you were little.

And then I started on the flying monkey costume and by the time I was finished, I had sworn off sewing again. I made the grey shirt no problem and then came time for the pants. I ordered the material and the pattern off of the internet and I took my measurements and cut the pattern pieces out to that size. When I got the pants all sewn together I couldn’t even get them past my knees. I wasn’t sure what happened so I had to purchase the pattern again and I decided to make it the biggest size possible which was for a size 45 waist and 54 inch hips. When I had them all together I couldn’t get them over my butt and they barely fit Emily. I said screw it and found a pair of grey running pants. I then started on the jacket. I had found a DIY blog which worked great for the hat but the jacket was once again six sizes too small so Emily and I went and found a pattern that turned out to be perfect. I probably spent a good three hours on the stripes as I had to cut out three different colors for each. Allyson was supposed to make me some wings but she didn’t get around to it and refused to draw them for me so I drew them myself. I also turned the thighs of the first attempt at the too small pants into my shoe covers!

After finishing the race today I am just going to say that our costumes were by far the best. Almost every other Dorothy was a store-bought costume and I was the only flying monkey. I had a lot of people talking to me and telling me they liked my costume. Emily and I had a really good time even if it did rain the first nine miles. That was pretty miserable but we survived.


Mole Moral~Good things come to those who wait! Hence Emily ended up being Dorothy eleven years later in a really cool race, with a really cool mom!

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