Goodbye Red, Hello Silver

Do not panic, I am not changing my hair color. Although my natural color is probably pretty much silver (aka grey). Anyway I had to say goodbye to my red Saturn VUE. I purchased it eleven years ago next month, hoping to drive it for seven years and then I hoped to make it until Kayla graduated from high school.(Kayla is starting her third year of college this fall.) Then I could take her dance tuition and apply it to a car payment. Well the car lasted two years longer than I had ever dreamed of so I was very happy.

I took the car to get inspected last week and they informed me it would be at least seven hundred dollars to get it to pass inspection. I was surprised but I really wasn’t. I was at 184,000 miles and it was running really loudly. Well my husband told the gal I am trading it in and not fixing it. She tried to tell him we needed to fix it to get a good trade in. I looked it up on Kelly Blue Book and saying my car was in fair condition was a stretch which put it at about five hundred dollars. So there was no way that was happening. I really didn’t want to do the haggle thing so I found true value and signed up that way. That put me at the Lou Fuse Mazda dealership about fifteen minutes from work. So they called me while I was at work to set up an appointment. I told them I could come after work and they asked me twice if I was really going to come. I finally said I will be there unless my patient codes and dies at the end of my shift and I will call to reschedule. That totally put the girl on the phone off her rocker. She got so off kilter she could barely reply. Only I would say something like that.

When I walked into the place and told them I had an appointment they said “you really did show up”. I looked them right in the eye and said I told you I would be here unless my patient coded and died and I’m here so they all survived. A great ice-breaker only a nurse would use. The guy I had the appointment with was busy with someone else so I ended up having another guy help me and then he came and helped too. First thing they said was how about an automatic. I said “absolutely not, not going to happen. I picked the Mazda CX-5 because it comes in a stick. This keeps my teenagers from driving my car.” I also informed them I was a cheap skate and not paying for a bunch of unnecessary luxuries. They were dying. So they looked around and found a silver car at another dealer about two hours away so they were going to have to go get it. In the meantime they ran my credit and I didn’t even have to use Brian to get approved. They test drove the red car and wanted to give me a hundred dollars for it but ended up giving me four hundred and if I’m real honest that was probably very generous. So we agreed I would come back Wednesday after work to pick up my new car. It would be the next day before I remembered I had a meeting after work, so Wednesday would be out.

As it turned out with the storms on Wednesday, it was not a good day for the dealership so I said great I have a meeting with my financial advisor early Thursday morning and then I will swing by after that. So today I show up at the office and Marcus is like “um our appointment is next Thursday.” I was like oh crap you are right. So I told him I was purchasing a new car and we would have much to talk about next week. I had some time to kill so I decided to go see what a Pokemon stop was all about. That was kind of lame so I went to the dealership. Right before I was to turn in, I smoked a bird and when I looked in the rearview mirror it was flopping around on the ground. I asked God to kill it right then, so it wouldn’t have to suffer. Now I was the one was off kilter. My salesman said at least I hit it with the old car and not the new. He then shared with me that the guy that test drove it, said there was no way I would make it back. The thing would fall apart. So I think I traded it in just in the nick of time.

After two hours of chatting and paperwork the car was finally mine. I wasn’t really excited until I drove off. And all the guys were right, the clutch was sweet. I quickly realized how crappy my car really was. My new ride is smooth and sweet.


Mole Moral ~ After not having car payments for seven years, I am currently looking for a sugar daddy. Please contact me if you are interested. BAHAHAHAHA

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