We are camp nine

The theme for Big Stuf this year is WE ARE.

Tonight the talk was we are ready. Ready for what exactly. Well the big answer was are you ready for life and if so how do you know you are ready. The first thing you need to know is your name! Huh? Everybody knows their own name right. Well the truly great people had more than their name. For example, Alexander the Great, William the Conquer, and Ivan the Terrible. So how would you fill in the blank. Mine would look something like this:

Rachel the ___________

high fall risk

One whose parents divorced and her life is ruined (I proved that prediction wrong! I’ve had a fairly great life!)

crazy in a fun way


always thinking of others

I could list more but think about how you would fill it in for yourself.

Now here is how the speaker filled in the blank. Rachel is God’s masterpiece. Did anyone come up with that? Seven years of camp later and I’m still so far off. I will never get it right except there really is no right or wrong. I just need to remember this written by Paul (if I was paying attention) for we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us new in Christ Jesus so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. That’s heavy and hard for me to comprehend. Me a masterpiece? Well maybe a clumsy, crazy, compassionate masterpiece on any given day. So when I believe what God says about me (the masterpiece business), then I’ll be ready for what God has ready for me.

So intense to comprehend this. If we all lived and treated each other like we are indeed God’s masterpieces the world would be a beautiful place. However, I can’t ever see this happening on this side of Heaven so I will wait patiently till I either die or Christ returns.

Mole moral~ Rachel the masterpiece of God!

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