Salvation Mountain

I wish I could remember how I heard about Salvation Mountain but I don’t have a clue. I told Emily not only were we taking the Southern route home from California but we were dipping down so I could see it.


I read up on it yesterday as we were suppose to visit it then, but yesterday’s flat tire made our plans change. Anyway the guy who created it accepted Jesus into his heart in 1967 while in Vermont. He decided he wanted to build a hot air balloon and worked on it for 14 years never getting it to fly. He then decided to stay one more week to make a monument and weeks turned into months and months into years. He started by taking things from the dump and then fill it with sand, cover it with cement and then painted it. A lot of the time he used too much sand and not enough cement. Therefore, after four years and fifty foot high, it came crashing to the ground. He however was not discouraged and started over with more smarts.
The second time he used adobe clay and straw. He would then paint it. The more coats of paint, the stronger it became. This also prevented erosion. After ten years the mountain had gained notoriety but the area was owned by the federal government. They had issues with a religious monument at the entrance to slab city so hired environmental specialists to run tests and declared it a toxic wasteland. The locals did not agree and donated money and he hired his own and there was zero toxic chemicals nor lead in paint. So the government left him alone.
He lived on the mountain until the age of 79 in his truck.
He lived a simple life with no electricity, running water, technology etc. He used all donated paints on the mountain using the ugly colors for the bottom coats and the pretty ones for the top coats. He went to be with the Lord in 2014 at the age of 82.
Mole Moral ~ The location may have been shaky but it was awesome. Look carefully and you can see me at the top behind the O in GOD. Emily’s idea!!

God Friended Me

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 10.12.00 AM.png

If you haven’t seen this show, you should. I think it ranks right up there with This is Us. I started watching mostly because I am a Facebook junkie and I thought how cool would it be to get a friend request from God. Miles who gets the request is an atheist and is convinced someone is behind it so of course his Indian friend is a computer genius and is busy trying to trace who keeps sending the friend requests. It is so well written and it just keeps tying one episode to the next. I usually binge watch TV shows but this one I watch every week.

Although I am sure when the show ends they will discover a person is behind it. Someone is sending him friend requests of people who need his help. I have always felt if a person is quiet and listens (not audibly) they can hear God and things he would like you to do. My Christmas Angel yearly program has always been chosen by God. It’s hard to describe but I just know when it is the right person. I’m thinking about it because that starts again on December 14. It is one of the things I look the most forward to.

Mole Moral ~ Just like This is Us, you need to start from the first episode. Another great show is A Million Little Things and also needs to be started from the beginning. This may be the year of the great TV shows.


Christmas Angel

It was back in 2004 and I was at church when Pastor Tom spoke about a thing he did called Christmas Angel. For the 12 nights before Christmas you pick someone who may be struggling, had a bad year or just need a lift at Christmas and drop off presents. The first night you leave one of something, and the second night two, and the third night three etc. But there is a catch, you drop the present, ring the doorbell, run, and try not to get caught. Of course if you have your children help, they can do the ringing and running and you drive the getaway car. He had this done to him by a mormon family who never revealed who they were. He said we shouldn’t tell either but if someone did that for me and never said who it was, it would bother me forever. So on day twelve I always left a note revealing who I was. Although he said this was a way to bless others, over the years it has been a big blessing to our family.

The person or people I have chosen were always picked by God. He put their name on my heart at some point during the year. Some years it’s really early like April or May and sometimes its been as late as October. Now God doesn’t talk to me in an audible voice for that would surely make me a crazy person but I just get the feeling this person is the one. Most of the time it is a patient I have cared for, but sometimes its a friend that doesn’t know this secret about me. This year I received a little push back from who I chose, to the point I started questioning myself (and God). But in true God fashion I got the answer loud and clear on day ten of dropping gifts off. I received a note saying this girl had a bad year and every night she had to have painful dressing changes and knowing she would be receiving a gift made the discomfort less. I started crying when I read the note. After all it is the exact reason we have done this every year since 2004.

This is the first Christmas we had without Emily. She is working out in California and ended up spending Christmas with the Lindsay’s. If she had to not be at home, she was at the second best place in the world. After all had Brian and I both kicked the bucket, our kids were willed to them. There were times they threatened to kill us so they could live with them. Emily was very sad that she didn’t get to Christmas angel with us. Allyson said to me she liked houses that were farther away because we had more time to talk. So I started thinking about some of the highlights and I shared some of them with this years girl. I decided to blog them tonight for my girls.

The very first year I worked evenings so I had to drop the gifts off during the day. Since I worked the first three days I dropped them off during the day. Apparently that person worked during the day so finally on day three I made my sister call from her work and say this is your Christmas angel please check your front porch. The next year we did my neighbors I had as a child. She was convinced it was a neighbor down the street and each night would yell thank you and say the lady’s name. She never once thought it was me. One year the family lived in De Soto. We arrive in the dark and not one single mailbox has the address on it. None of the houses do either. I attempt to get on google earth but the houses are blocked by trees. By this time I am freaking out, screaming and cursing when the husband walks out to check the mail. Last year the guy I did was convinced he had a stalker and almost called the cops on us. He also had no numbers on his house so my oldest went rooting through his mailbox (which was attached to the house) to see what address was on the mail. One year we did Allyson’s friends who are twins. The first night she was at their house so I had to deliver by myself. I knocked on the door so loud that the guy across the hall opened his door also. I scared them all so bad they bumped heads on the table they were under. Before I had a smart phone I had to use map quest. I arrive to the street I was supposed to turn on and it had turned into a QT with no way to get through. I had to call Brian who had to get out his street guide to get us to the correct house. One year we pulled up to the house and Kayla says they are in the garage. I say no they are not, deliver the gift. She gets out starts to walk and I hear them in the garage. I say F**k they are in the garage, get back in the car.

This year was no different. The very first night I had worked and went by myself. There were no numbers on this house so I had to walk up to the neighbors to see their numbers. I ring the doorbell, hit the second step and my ankle goes sideways. I almost fell and I said oh hell no, I am not getting caught on day one and made it down the steps. One day just as I was getting out of the car, they came out of the house to go somewhere. I jumped back in the car and hid till they left. Then became paranoid they would forget something and come back and catch me. On the eleventh night just as Allyson was crossing the street a van pulled up into their driveway so she came back to the car. We did a lap around the subdivision and then she delivered. But the thing we will always remember is the stop sign in the middle of a street with houses on each side of the road. No cross-road or anything. The sidewalks are on both sides of the streets as well so we couldn’t figure out the purpose. On the last day I was actually going to ring the bell and wait (I’ve only done this one time in all these years) but they were not home.

So what started out as a way to bless others has turned into a Christmas tradition that we all love and look forward to each year. We’ve had great family talks and great family yelling. We’ve brightened 19 families over the years and hope to do 19 more. Although sooner than I care to admit, it will be me by myself so I better keep on running so I don’t get caught.


Mole Moral ~ Ding dong ditch still seems wrong even when leaving fun little presents.


Session 4 The Wise Filter

Jamie took over speaking for the rest of our time together. I really enjoy him and he reminds me a lot of my sister as he also talks a hundred miles a minute. Tonight’s talk was about the wise filter which made me think of something Pastor Tom has said for years “based on my current circumstances what is the wise thing to do.” Dumb decisions don’t matter until they involve things that do matter. Everyone has filters for how they make decisions. Jamie’s examples:
1. Feelings
2. Thinking
3. Wanting
4. Them
5. Boyfriend/girlfriend
6. Culture
I would venture a guess and say most of my decisions are based on thinking. I really don’t care what culture and others think except for maybe my husband. However he said none of these are worthy of your life decisions and smart people do dumb things. Therefore be very careful how you live, making the most of every opportunity because the days are evil. So he very careful how you live not as unwise but wise.
Jamie then brought a cardboard car front out on stage and sat behind it to demonstrate how to make wise decisions. When one drives he looks two directions both forwards and backwards. So one knows where to go based on where you been (looking behind) and where you are headed (looking ahead). His example from his high school days was that he was invited to two different parties. The last time he hung out with group a they were a lot of fun but they made a whole bunch of stupid decisions with tough consequences. Group b was a little boring but no bad decisions or tough consequences so he chose group b.

Mole moral ~ God’s “rules” seem restrictive and make for a boring life when they actually release you from experiencing pain from making unwise decisions.


Session 2 The Us filter


Gerald started off the talk with who is your squad, crew, homies, or friends depending on what you call them. My squad is made up of current and past women’s health homies.
Everyone has a filter to choose their friends and some examples are fun, hot, popular, or the same as you. This had me thinking back to my high-school days and what filter I used. I would have to say it was the same filter. Almost all of my friends were in band and everyone knows band kids are the best kids. I think a big factor in this was the group that went to South Africa in August of 1983 Who is this Gary Lindsay character?). That trip and all the fundraising really bonded us together.
Just as we can use filters to include we can also use them to exclude. This then sets up the us VS them scenario. Although this certainly runs rampant in middle school and high school it can also be seen in the adult world as well. In the world of nursing it can be nurse vs techs or management vs the employees.
If we change our view and see everyone as someone God made and someone Jesus died for, it would change the world. When Jesus met up with the Samaritan woman at the well and asked her to give him a drink she said you are a Jew why are you even talking to me. A perfect example of us VS them. By the time he was finished having a conversation with her, she saw him for who he really was, just as he saw her the way God made her.

Mole moral ~ What if we saw “them” through him? It certainly would be a game changer.


Late night with Andy Stanley

I haven’t been up past eleven o’clock in a long time. Last night I was working on Emily’s laundry and actually made it up past Saturday Night Live. I was in for a bit of surprise when talking points with Andy Stanley came on channel 5. For those of you that have no clue who I am talking about, Andy is the pastor of Northpoint Community Church outside of Atlanta. I visited there once as they are the church that writes Kid Stuf. The place is huge and has like 25,000 members. He was really interesting but then again he always is.

Andy was talking about how if you live your life as if your days are numbered, you will gain a heart of wisdom. Too many people go through life as if they have all the time in the world and often find themselves at the end of life not where they wanted to be. He quoted a nurse who worked hospice who asked her patients what their biggest regret was. Almost every single man’s response was working too much when the kids were little and missing out on their childhood and spending time with their spouse. The second response was not living the life the person wanted but the life others expected them to live. Of course I received validation for something I have said for a long long time. Anytime Brian harasses me about the house being messy and asks why I don’t keep it spotless my response has always been on my deathbed I will not say “I wish I kept the house cleaner.” It will be  “I wish I helped others more, made gifts for others and made time for people.”

I certainly feel i am living the life I wanted except for being married and having kids. I swore when I was younger I was never getting married or having kids. However both of those turned into a huge blessing, I never dreamed possible in my younger years. I always knew I would be a nurse and I wanted to be a burn nurse. I did that for ten years and lived my dream. And now on Women’s Health I have felt it is the place God wants me to be. I have tried to leave a couple times when things were really rough and he told me no. I am glad I stayed because I really do enjoy it 99% of the time. It’s hard to believe in a little over a year I will be fifty. I remember when Brian’s dad turned fifty and I gave him a coffee cup that said “how the hell did I get this old”. Oh that is so fitting and every time I think of it, I smile. Time goes by so fast, too fast and their is no slowing it down. So my goal is to try and follow the two greatest commandments. Love God with all my heart, soul and mind and love my neighbors as myself.


Mole moral~ If you stop by my house, it is most likely to be a mess but I will invite you in and we will have a lot of fun. And when I’m gone you will say that girl had the messiest house ever but she sure was a lot of fun!


Small Group

imageI have been meaning to write this blog for three weeks but have had zero discipline to get it together.

Three weeks ago at church Herc was doing announcements and promoting small groups. The last time I was in a small group was four years ago when I was doing starting point with him. I had Dr. Veronikis surgery about week four of the study and that was such a disaster, I never made it back. After that I used my job hours as an excuse as to why I couldn’t join one. Well then Herc mentioned a 5K running group and a lightbulb went off in my head and I got that prompting Tom speaks of that said no excuses you are signing up. So I did and I saw Christy (Herc’s wife) was the leader-score. So about a week ago I got a group email and Jimmy (Christy’s brother) is co-leading. Double score as Jimmy was my first small group leader. I also saw that Heidi had signed up and she was in my first group as well. Then I found out there was a book to go along with it. I should have known this but sometimes I’m not as smart as I look. I was even more excited about the book  especially when I found out there are only three discussion questions each week

When I arrived tonight I found out Jenna was also a leader. I know her from Facebook only and knew she went to Oak Bridge. I can’t remember exactly how we became friends but I have always enjoyed her posts. So she shared her running story and I wanted to jump out of my chair and say we are sole sisters. Her story is similar to mine. But I figured I better keep it in check for a while. I will let these people discover how crazy I really am over a period of time. No sense springing full CR on them on the first night v

We did a thirty minute run/walk. Jimmy was in charge of keeping time. Some people ran the whole time and no, I was not one of them. My goal for the group is to encourage others and hopefully give them a love for running like I have. Running is my God time and I work through a lot of stuff I wouldn’t deal with otherwise. Sometimes I yell at him or attempt to boss him around. It never works but I feel better afterwards.

I cannot wait until next week. I have asked for Wednesday’s off or to work 7-3 only. Hopefully it works out. I’m pretty much willing to work whatever days or time needed so I think it will work out. After all this was God’s prompting so he’s in charge of my work schedule!

Mole moral~God is smarter than he looks. He had Jenna create a running bible study group to get me back in small group!


We Are Camp Nine “Made New”

This may be the first time I have actually written about every session. I usually have great intentions to do so but get home and back in the real world and out of sight out of mind. Sad but true. The last session was about being made new through what Jesus did on the cross. All of our sins are forgiven: past, present, and future. Things in the universe break down naturally over time. Just look around, except at me. God doesn’t want to improve who we are but implement a permanent new through Jesus. So because of Jesus you stay new no matter what you do.

This all lead up to what I call the “altar call”. Except at camp, people don’t come down to the front but just stand if they have decided they want to follow Jesus. After that the camp breaks into their small groups and the small group leaders talk to the kids and pray with them that they believe in Jesus and accept him into their heart. This is such a much better way than when I was a kid. Every week the church I went to had an altar call. The congregation would sing Just As I Am which the pastor would say things like “If Jesus is calling you to come down front and you don’t come and you die this week you will go to HELL.” Do you know how scary that was for a kid. I wasn’t sure if Jesus was calling me or not. (I was around the age of 10). What if he was and I didn’t go down and I died? Would I burn in Hell forever? It was scary to get out of your seat and walk down to the front but I finally did it but I have no recollection of my age or the date or even the time of the year. I do remember going to a small room and a lady praying with me. I think somewhere around 30 kids from our church stood up. Earlier in the day 14 of our kids were baptized in the ocean. They were kids who had already accepted Jesus and now were publicly identifying with him. In a couple of weeks we are having a baptism service at church and the kids that were baptized will tell their story and then the church will show the video of their baptism. Baptism services are the best.


This was the first year I had a Fitbit tracker at camp. I set a record for total steps for the week. I was 10 weeks post surgery and for the first time in two years had two feet that weren’t on fire! I could have done without knowing how little sleep I got. I am an 8-9 hour a day person so an average of 5 did not cut it. Although I did nap and sleep on the bus, most of them did not register as sleep because my heart rate was not low enough to be considering sleeping. My heart rate is around 42-44 when I sleep. The sign of a finely tuned athlete! Hahahaha. This totally explains why it took me three days to recover! I was talking about some of the nurse stuff that happened at camp. I was busier than I realized but I enjoy every moment. I must give a huge shout out to my roommate Lynn who is so helpful. Especially when a kid would wake me up out of a nap and I wasn’t fully awake. She would make suggestions. She was talking about not coming next year because all of her kids are grown but I being selfish said who am I going to room with and who is going to keep me on track. She did get to observe me in full on nurse mode. When the girl was dehydrated and started puking and was not responding to my satisfaction, my spidey senses went in full gear and I started bossing people around to get done what I needed to get done! That usually means I am panicking but not showing it! The kids asked me why I didn’t just start an IV and run fluids in. Well folks, that would be practicing medicine without a licence. The state board of nursing puts a paper out every 3 months and it always lists what nurses get in trouble for. One time a nurse started and IV on another nurse and gave her a bag of fluids. I can’t remember if she was hung over or pregnant but the nurse that did that got her license on probation. So there will be no IV starts at Big Stuf camp!


Mole Moral~ It is only 362 more days until Oak Bridge leaves for Big Stuf! I will be honored to go as the nurse again next year! It’s the best busiest, exhausting week of the year! I wouldn’t have it any other way. There is nothing more awesome than watching kids understand there is a God who loves them!



We Are Camp Nine “Brave”

This was the last morning session and it was a good thing. Getting up at seven in the morning was killing this evening shift girl. Especially being up until midnight or a little later.

The foundation of every virtue is courage which is seriously missing in our culture. It takes a lot of courage to stand up for what is right, or the little guy, or anything out of the norm. How much easier is it to get with the flow and follow the leader than stand out. I guess this goes right along with being real. Often the right thing and the hard thing are the exact same thing. And if we are real honest, the easy thing is so much easier but often leads to not so great results.

Stuart said the way to obtain courage is to love someone deeply and to know you are loved deeply (by God). So the most powerful version of you, is you fully convinced of God’s love. That feeling loved by God has been huge for me! I have taken more risks and had more courage ever since I first experienced it seven years ago. So I am loved and I am braved sometimes. He finished by listing three incredible gifts.

1. We have existence.

2. We have opportunity

3. We are loved.


Mole moral~ I really have no idea about the three gifts so next year I better take better notes. Until then, may more courage and love surround us all.


We Are Camp Nine Day 2

I am not going to lie, I am tired! Like really tired! Like I could curl up on the sandy fake wood floor of this room and go to sleep. And maybe not wake up for ten hours. Not to worry, the kids are in small group while I type this. And when they get out, I have a couple already scheduled to stop by and may get a few more surprise visitors. Every time someone knocks on the door I am like who is it now but I am thrilled these kids come to me and trust me. I did see a foot today that has me a little concerned, most likely because I was reading about the bacteria in the gulf of Mexico that can cause necrotizing fasciitis. (aka flesh-eating strep). Google can be a good thing and it can be a bad thing. I always call myself the worse case scenario nurse so whatever the symptom is, I jump to the very worst thing it could be. This is so it doesn’t happen. And this folks is called magical thinking, which my counselor nazi told me does not exist. Anyway, I just went off on a huge tangent so I will try to get back to camp.

At the very first bathroom stop on the way down, I made a really stupid statement. I am not even going to repeat it because I must protect the privacy of others and my own stupid self. Well that comment must have went like straight to God’s ears because ever since then it’s been I will show you Rachel Carty Moehlmann. And he has! It’s so easy to sit and judge others by a few actions you have seen without ever getting to know the person or know their story. However, once the story comes out and God reminds you of how you fell into the same trap not long ago, its embarrassing, annoying and you really hate the God is right and you are wrong! Ok I think I just spoke morse code or something but lets just say I have a huge nice note to write this week at camp. If I tried to speak to this person, I would turn red, get tongue-tied and sound like an idiot. I have a gift for writing (thanks counselor nazi for convincing me) so I might as well use it.

Morning session was we are better together. And because I am so tired I could sleep on the floor, I am going to copy and paste Dianne Prewitt’s post from this morning.

Studies have shown that the #1 ingredient for growth in any area of life isn’t practice or learning or discipline or self-control or any of that – the #1 secret ingredient for growth is SOMEONE ELSE! King Solomon put it this way: “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

I saw that on Facebook and thought it was awesome. I could have said the same thing in about a thousand extra words. The speaker challenged us to think of two people who could be our iron. And these people you have to be totally authentic with and not like the fake self that we often project.

Tonight’s session~we are human. Dianne is in small group so she hasn’t posted anything so I can’t borrow it. I had a really hard time concentrating as my mind was all over the place. But basically bad things are going to happen. God came down in human form so he knows what you experience as he experienced it. He will stand with you and he will win for you. Well he already won for us with defeating death and the enemy.

That is camp day 2. If this makes no sense please refer back to the first four sentences of this blog. I plan to get up early tomorrow as it is a 2 mile walk day. Hopefully, I can squeeze a nap in at some point! Today I was dead to the world when someone knocked on the door, and I remember thinking who is knocking at 2:30 in the morning. It was actually 2:30 in the afternoon and I had a 30 minute sleep like the dead which helped but not enough to fix all this rambling.

Mole moral~I can barely think straight on a normal day, add camp, no sleep and God pounding on me and I am a lost cause!